C-867 PILine® Motion Controller

For Ultrasonic Piezomotors, 1 and 2 Axes

    • For PILine® ultrasonic piezo linear motors
    • 50-MHz encoder inputs for high velocity and position resolution
    • USB, RS-232 and analog interfaces (e.g. for a joystick)
    • Integrated power amplifier with dynamic frequency control
    • PID servo-control with dynamic parameter switching
    • 4+4 programmable TTL I/Os for flexible automation
    • Daisy-chain network of up to 16 units
    • Data recorder
    • Powerful macro programming language, e.g. for standalone operation
    • Extensive software support, e.g. for LabVIEW, shared libraries for Windows and Linux

Servocontroller and Power Amplifier

One and two channels, bench top, proprietary PID control for ultrasonic motors. Network-compatible with up to 16 units per interface

For PILine® ultrasonic linear motors

Power amplifier for PILine® drives and stages with up to two piezomotors per channel. Automated frequency control for improved servo performance

Incremental encoders

Differential signal transmission (A/B). TTL inputs for limit and reference point switches

Digital communication

USB, RS-232 and analog interfaces (e.g. for a joystick). Data recorder. Powerful macro programming language, e.g. for standalone operation. Extensive software support, e.g. LabVIEW, shared libraries for Windows and Linux





Controller for single-axis positioning
or scanning stages

Controller for XY positioning
or scanning stages

Drive type

PILine® motors, single and dual drives with P-661, P-664, U-161 and U-164




Motion and control

Servo characteristics

Programmable PID filter, parameter changes on the fly

Trajectory profile modes


Encoder input

A/B (quadrature) differential, 50 MHz

Stall detection

Servo off, triggered by programmable position error

Limit switches

2 TTL (programmable) per channel

Reference point switch

1 TTL per channel (active high / low, programmable)

Electrical properties

Max. output power per channel

15 W

Max. output voltage per channel

200 Vpp

Interface and operation

Communication interfaces

USB, RS-232

Motor connector


2× MDR14

Controller network

Up to 16 units on single interface

I/O ports

4 analog / digital in

4 digital out (Mini-DIN, 9-pin)

Digital: TTL

Analog: 0 to 5 V

Command set

PI General Command Set (GCS)

User software


Software drivers

GCS-DLL, LabVIEW driver

Supported functionality

Start-up macro, macro, data recorder for recording parameters as motor input voltage, velocity, position or position error

Manual control

Pushbutton box, joystick (for two axes), Y cable for 2-D motion

Pushbutton box, joystick (for two axes)


Operating voltage

24 VDC from external power supply (included)

Max. operating current

300 mA plus motor current (max. 2 A)

600 mA plus motor current (max. 4 A)

Operating temperature range

5 to 40 °C


1 kg

2.4 kg


206 mm × 130 mm × 66 mm (incl. mounting rails)

320 mm × 150 mm × 80.5 mm (incl. mounting rails)

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Drawings / Images

PI C-867.160 M-692 PI C-867.260

Order Information

C-867.160Piezomotor Controller / Driver, Networkable, 1 Channel, for PILine® Systems

C-867.260Piezomotor Controller with Drive Electronics, 2 Channels, for PILine® Systems

Ask about custom designs!

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PILine® Motion Controller for Ultrasonic Piezomotors, 1 and 2 Axes
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