E-665 Piezo Amplifier / Servo Controller

Display, Analog & Digital Interface

PI E-665
    • Integrated 24-Bit USB Interface
    • Network capability with up to 12 channels
    • Peak current 360 mA
    • Notch filter for higher bandwidth
    • Position control with strain gauge or capacitive sensor
    • Table for User-Defined Curves
    • Additional Analog Interface


E-665.SR / E-665.CR


Piezo amplifier & position servo-controller with digital interface




Servo characteristics

P-I (analog), notch filter

Sensor type

SGS (.SR) / capacitive (CR)


Control input voltage range

-2 to +12 V

Output voltage

-30 to +130 V

Peak current, <20 ms

360 mA

Average current

150 mA

Current limitation


Noise, 0 to 100 kHz

0.5 (.SR) / 4.0 (.CR) mVrms

Voltage gain

10 ±0.1

Input impedance

100 kΩ

Interface and operation

Communication interfaces

USB, RS-232 (9-pin Sub-D connector, 9.6 - 115.2 kBaud), 24-bit A/D and 20-bit D/A

Piezo connector

LEMO ERA.00.250.CTL (.SR) / Sub-D special (.CR)

Sensor connection

LEMO EPL.0S.304.HLN (.SR) / Sub-D special (.CR)

Analog input


Sensor monitor socket


Controller network

up to 12 channels, parallel

Supported functionality

Wave table; 256 data points, external trigger, up to 16 macros


2 x 4½ digit, LED

DC Offset

10-turn pot., adds 0 to 10 V to Control In


Operating temperature range

5 to 40 °C

Overtemp protection

Deactivation at 85 °C


236 mm × 88 mm × 273 mm + handles


2.5 kg

Operating voltage

115 VAC / 230 VAC, 50-60 Hz (linear power supply)

Max. power consumption

60 W

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Drawings / Images

PI E-665 Diagramm

Order Information

E-665.CRPiezo Amplifier / Servo Controller, 1 Channel, USB, RS-232, -30 to 130 V, Capacitive Sensor

E-665.S0PIFOC® Piezo Amplifier / Servo Controller, 1 Channel, -30 to 130 V, SGS Sensor

E-665.SRPiezo Amplifier / Servo Controller, 1 Channel, USB, RS-232, -30 to 130 V, SGS Sensor

Ask about custom designs!

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