M-850KHTH 1000 kg High-Load Hexapod

6 Axes, Large Travel Range, Accuracy in the Micrometer Range

    • Six Degrees of Freedom
    • Load capacity to 1000 kg in any orientation
    • Travel ranges to 400 mm / 40°
    • Resolution to 0.8 µm / 0.5 µrad
    • Sophisticated controller using vector algorithms

Brushless DC servo motors with brakes in this custom parallel-kinematic Hexapod positioning system allow loads of up to one ton to be positioned in any orientation with micrometer accuracy over ranges up to 400 mm


Travel ranges

Max. load

Max. velocity

Unidir. Repeatability


M-850KHTH High-Load Hexapod

X, Y: ±200 mm
Z: ±100 mm
θX, θY: ±20°
θZ: ±5°

1000 kg

1 mm/s

X, Y, Z: ±1 µmθX,
θY, θZ: ±3 µrad

Base platform: Ø 900 mm
Upper platform: Ø 800 mm
Height: 714 mm
Aperture: Ø 500 mm

Order Information

M-850KHTHHigh-Load Hexapod, Load to 1000 kg, 400 mm × 400 mm × 200 mm

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