M-880 3-Axis Precision Positioning System

Parallel Kinematics in X, Y, θZ with Especially High Holding Force

PI M-880
    • Static load capacity to 150 kg
    • ActiveDrive servo drives
    • Low Profile with parallel kinematics
    • Min. incremental motion to 0.75 µm
    • Clear aperture for transmission applications
    • Sophisticated controller using vector algorithms, virtual pivot point
    • Extensive software support
    • Travel ranges 20 mm, 8°

Parallel kinematics with passive leg design can be built extremely flat which is beneficial especially for large surface loads. Scaling for up to six motion axes and loads of up to several 100 kg is feasible


Travel ranges

Max. velocity

Stiffness X, Y

Max. dynamic
load capacity

Max. holding
force in Z


X, Y: ±10 mm
θZ: ±4°

20 mm/s

5 N/µm

20 kg

1500 N

Order Information

M-880.PD Low-Profile XY-ThetaZ Positioning Stage with Controller, Direct Drive

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