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Technology is not our only strength. Even more important are all the people working for and with PI. Permanent improvement of the workflow, flat hierarchies, short paths and direct communication, both internally and with our customers, form a very good basis. Here you can find out more about the core competences and product developments of the PI Group – Welcome to the World of Piezo Nano Positioning!

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    ... for customer- and application-specific product developments. That is the basis for success at PI.
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    ... at PI this starts with a preliminary informative discussion and continues well beyond delivery of the products.
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    ... for effective and convenient operating solutions. The name Motion Control stands for software from Physik Instrumente.

Product Classes

To assist you in your selection as to which products meet specific or comparable requirements, PI has divided its portfolio into three product classes:

  • Especially cost-favorable positioning systems are referred to as the Standard Class A.
  • Product in the Precision Class AA are suited for high-precision positioning applications.
  • The highest demands for sensor resolution and positioning and guiding precision are satisfied by the Reference Class AAA.
PI Product Classification

Piezo Systems

Piezo Positioning Systems: Nanometer Resolution Up to 1 mm Travel Range

Nanotechnology is already part of everyday life. The use of high-precision positioning systems in biotechnology, microscopy or semiconductor technology allows resolution of very fine structures in production and inspection. This allows production of more and more powerful integrated electronic components and investigation of new diagnostic and therapeutic methods in life sciences.

Piezo Actuators / Motors

Piezoceramic Actuators and Motors

The PI Group develops and manufactures high-quality piezoceramic materials as well as actuator or sensor piezo components. Together with high-precision sensor systems and mechanical design, piezo actuators form the basis for piezomotor technology.

Motorized Systems

Motorized Positioning Systems for Large Travel Ranges

PI positioning systems are available with a number of different drive variants, from stepper motors to piezoceramic ultrasonic motors. All models offer resolution in the sub-micrometer range, hybrid stages up to 2 nanometers. Maximum velocities up to 400 mm/s are possible.

Hexapods / SpaceFAB

6-axis micro- and nanopositioning systems in different parallel-kinematic designs for electronics production, tool control or medical technology. Depending on design, their microrobots can position loads of up to 1000 kg accurately to the nearest micrometer without any problems.

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PI Hexapod H-811

PI V-273.430 V-273.431
PIMag® Magnetic Drives

Voice coil actuators and magnetic linear motors offer advantages compared to common spindle-based technologies, especially with regard to wear and dynamics. As they largely dispense with the use of few mechanical components, this results in less friction and backlash and thus more precision.

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PILine® Ultrasonic Motors

PILine® Ultrasonic piezomotors are small, high-speed and low-cost. Ideally suitable for applications of low operating cycles, they can also be integrated as drive into mobile measuring and medical devices. Due to their self-locking, the target position does not have to be held via additional brakes or electrical currents as in the case of magnetic drives.

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PI U-521

PI Q-614 Q-Motion
Q-Motion® Miniature Stages

Q-Motion® positioners are especially small. They are driven by a cost-effective, piezoelectric inertia direct drive with a motion resolution of 1 nm and even better. The product range contains single-axis linear or rotary stages up to parallel kinematic robots with six degrees of freedom. Q-Motion® stages are designed for ultra-high vacuum conditions to 10-9 and can even be designed for non-magnetic operation. 

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PiezoMike Linear Actuators

PiezoMike Linear Actuators can be integrated easily into conventional tip/tilt mirror mounts or stages and allow automated adjustment of mechanical and optomechanical components. The holding force of more than 20 N allows for stable positioning, even when switched off. The actuator is driven by a piezoelectric inertia drive which turns a fine pitch screw in either direction. Optionally, versions witn integrated incremental encoders are available.

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PI N-470

PiezoWalk® Stepping Drives

PiezoWalk® Stepping Drives

With PiezoWalk® stepping drives, piezo actuators work in pairs as clamping and feed elements on a moving runner. Cyclical control induces a stepping motion of the actuators on the runner, and the runner is moved forwards and backwards.


High-load stepping drives combine piezo clamping and shear actuators, in order to move a rod. The drives feature particularly high forces and stiffnesses. They are capable of dynamically compensating oscillations in the range of a few micrometers with nanometer resolution.

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Precision stepping drives convert the stepping motion by means of piezo bending elements. These drives are more compact and achieve higher velocities, developping forces in the range from 10 to 20 N.


Products with Vacuum Option

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