NEXACT® Piezo Linear Motors

OEM Drives, Precision Stages, Parallel Kinematics

  • Low piezo voltage <48 V
  • Easy mechanical integration, compact design
  • Self-locking at rest: No holding currents, no heating at stop, no energy consumption and no control jitter
  • Holding force to 10 N
  • Velocity to 10 mm/s
  • Resolution to <1 nm
Piezo Linear Motor


An outstanding characteristic of the NEXACT® PiezoWalk® drives is their combination of high forces and basically unlimited travel range within a small space. PiezoWalk® stepping drives are based exclusively on static friction contacts of several piezo actuators on a rod. For feed forward, the actuators are lifted physically from the rod, generating no wear and no abrasion. PiezoWalk® drives have high resolution of less than one nanometer typical of piezo drives. Their small size makes them ideally suitable as drive systems for stages and actuators in a vacuum down to 10-9 hPa, allowing them to be used for 6-axis Hexapod systems.

Linear Positioning Stages

NEXACT® Linear Positioning Stages

  • Vacuum-compatible and nonmagnetic operating principle
  • Sizes from 24 mm in width
  • Integrated linear encoders for determining the position directly without mechanical backlash
Class*Linear Travel [mm]Resolution [nm]Velocity [mm/s]Push/Pull Force [N]
Linear Positioner with the Highest Precision
NEXACT® Piezo Stepping Drive with Subnanometer Encoder Resolution
AAA13 to 520.51010
Linear Actuators

NEXACT® Linear Actuators

  • Integrated linear encoder for maximum accuracy with 20 nm resolution
  • Very high acceleration, for example, for cell penetration

  • Continuous stepping mode and continuously variable high-speed analog mode for 30 pm
Class*Linear Travel [mm]Resolution [nm]Velocity [mm/s]Push/Pull Force [N]
NEXACT® Linear Actuator, Manipulator, Piezo Stepper
High-Resolution with Optional Position Sensor
6-D SpaceFAB

NEXACT® 6-D SpaceFABs: Parallel Kinematics with 6 Motion Axes

  • Travel ranges 13 × 13 × 10 mm³
  • Angular motion >10°

  • Resolution 5 nm
OEM Drives

PILine® OEM Drives for Simple Integration

  • Simple integration with external guide and external position sensor
  • Wide range of travel ranges

  • Customized design possible
Active axesLinear Travel [mm]Push/Pull Force [N]Motor / Drive
NEXACT® OEM Miniature Linear Motor / Actuator
Compact, High-Speed PiezoWalk® Drive
X10 to 12510PiezoWalk drive
Motion Controllers

E-861 Motion Controller and Controls for NEXACT®

  • 4+4 programmable TTL inputs/outputs for flexible automation, daisy-chain network of up to 16 units
  • Analog inputs / outputs, joystick operation, digital interfaces: USB and RS-232

  • Macro control for stand-alone operation, E-870 drivers for PiezoMike linear actuators
PiezoWalk® NEXACT® Controller / Driver
Networkable Controller for NEXACT® Linear Drives and Positioners
NEXACT® Drive Electronics
Low-Cost Drive Electronics for NEXACT® Piezo Stepping Drives
*   AAA   Reference class
  AA Precision class
  A Standard class




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