NEXLINE® Piezomotors

High-Load Piezo Stepping Drives for up to 6 Motion Axes

  • Easy mechanical integration, compact design
  • Self-locking at rest: No holding currents, no heating at stop, no energy consumption and no control jitter
  • Wide range of forces, holding force to 800 N
  • Velocity to 1 mm/s
  • Resolution to <1 nm
Piezo Inchworm Motor


NEXLINE® piezomotors, also known as inchworm motors, are based on very stable and powerful shear and clamping actuators. The PiezoWalk® stepping drive used is based exclusively on static friction contacts of several piezo actuators on a rod. For feed forward, the actuators are lifted physically from the rod, generating no wear and no particles. PiezoWalk® drives have high resolution of less than one nanometer typical of piezo drives.

NEXLINE® piezomotors have particularly high forces and stiffnesses. They firmly hold the target position and are capable of dynamically compensating oscillations in the range of a few micrometers with nanometer resolution. Moreover, they are suitable for stages and actuators in a vacuum down to 10-9 hPa and can be used for 6-axis Hexapod systems.

Linear Actuators

NEXLINE® Linear Actuators

  • Optional internal position sensor with nanometer resolution
  • Wide range of travel ranges and drive forces

  • Customized design possible
Active axesLinear Travel [mm]Push/Pull Force [N]Motor / Drive
NEXLINE® OEM Linear Actuator
Nanopositioning Over Long Travel, PiezoWalk® Principle
X1050PiezoWalk drive
NEXLINE® Linear Actuator
High-Force PiezoWalk® Drive for Long-Range Nanopositioning
X20300PiezoWalk drive
Parallel Kinematics

NEXLINE® Stages: Parallel Kinematics of up to 6 Motion Axes

Active axesClass*SensorMotor / Drive
High Stiffness Nanopositioning Z Stage with NEXLINE® Piezomotors
High-Precision Positioning, with Capacitive Sensors

Incremental, direct metrology

PiezoWalk drive
High-Force NEXLINE® Z / Tip / Tilt Platform
Nanometer Precision for Semiconductor Industry, Wafer Alignment
Z, ΘX, ΘYAAAIncrementalPiezoWalk drive
UHV-Compatible Miniature Piezo Hexapod
High-Precision Positioning Even in Strong Magnetic Fields
X, Y, Z, ΘX, ΘY, ΘZAAAIncrementalPiezoWalk drive
Motion Controllers

Digital Motion Controllers for NEXLINE®

  • Digital and analog interfaces
  • Modular system for up to 6 axes and Hexapods

  • Modular system for combination with other drive systems
Digital Piezo Controller
Modular System for up to 6 Axes for Highest Precision
Digital Motion Controller
For NEXLINE® Piezo Stepping Drives
*   AAA   Reference class
  AA Precision class
  A Standard class




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