Piezo-Z Stages

Focus Motors for Interferometry, Image Stabilization and Microscopy

  • Frictionless and zero-backlash flexure guides
  • PICMA® piezo actuators for maximum reliability
  • Fast settling times in the ms range
  • Optional capacitive position sensors for positioning accuracy
    and stability in the nanometer range
Microscope stage


Piezo-Z stages are used for the alignment of optics in laser metrology and also for focusing samples, objectives or revolving nosepieces in microscopy or in test systems. PI offers vertical positioning stages in different designs for a wide range of applications.


Compact Positioning Stages for the Vertical Axis

A wide range of designs with different features cover all scanning and positioning applications in which dynamics and precision are essential.

  • For dynamic applications
  • Travel ranges to 250 µm

Class*Linear Travel [µm]Resolution [nm]Resonant Frequency [Hz]Sensor
PIHera Precision Z-Stage
Variable Travel Ranges and Axis Configuration
AAA50 to 2500.1 to 0.51000 to 360Capacitive
Piezo Z Stage
Compact Nanopositioner
Piezo Z Stage
Compact Nanopositioning Stage with Aperture
Phase Shifter
High dynamics, high linearity

Objective Scanners

PIFOC® Objective Scanners: Focusing Microscope Objectives with Nanometer Precision

In addition to all common microscopic processes, the applications also include 3D lithography and industrial surface inspection with white light interferometry (WLI) methods. For many models, low-cost scanning systems, including digital motion controllers, are available.

  • Minimum objective offset and excellent focus stability through backlash-free parallel flexure guiding
  • QuickLock thread inserts in a wide range of thread dimensions
  • Optionally, maximum linearity through direct metrology with capacitive sensors
Class*Linear Travel [µm]Resolution [nm]Resonant Frequency [Hz]Sensor
PIFOC® Piezo Flexure Objective Scanner
Fast Nanopositioner and Scanner for Microscope Objectives
AAA / AA1000.7 / 5580Capacitive / SGS
PIFOC® Objective Scanning System 100 µm
High-Dynamics Piezo Drive for Sub-Nanometer Resolution
PIFOC® Long-Travel Objective Scanner
High-Precision Positioner / Scanner for Microscope Objectives
AAA100 to 4000.65 to 1.25470 to 230Capacitive
PIFOC® Objective Scanning System 400 µm
High-dynamics Piezo Drive for Sub-Nanometer Resolution
PIFOC® High-Dynamics Piezo Scanner
Nanopositioning and Scanning System for Microscope Objectives
PIFOC® Objective Scanning System 2000 µm
Nanometer Resolution and Fast Step-and-Settle

Incremental Encoder
PIFOC® Objective Scanner with High Dynamics
Nanometer Resolution for Heavy Objectives


PIFOC® High-Load Objective Scanner
High-Dynamics Piezo Z Scanner for Heavy Objectives
PIFOC® Nosepiece Nanopositioner
Compact Design, Sub-Nanometer Resolution

215 (fully loaded)

Power-PIFOC® Nosepiece Nanopositioner
For High-Resolution Microscopy. High-Load Capacity, Capacitive Feedback



Sample Scanners

Sample Scanners: High-Speed Z Sample Positioning

Z stack microsections for 3D imaging applications or fluorescence microscopy require high precision and dynamics. Piezo-driven sample scanners usually are 10 to 20 times faster than conventional stepper motors. This allows for more efficient throughput times and higher data acquisition rates. Autofocus and drift compensation functions also work significantly faster.

  • High positioning stability of slides, including well plates
  • Response times within a few milliseconds

  • Minimum offset and excellent focus stability through zero-backlash parallel flexure guiding
Class*Linear Travel [µm]Resolution [nm]Resonant Frequency [Hz]Sensor
PInano® Z Microscopy Scanner
Cost-efficient, low-profile
AA100 to 2000.2 to 0.4

PInano® Z Microscope Scanner for Well Plates
Large Clear Aperture, Low Profile, with Digital Controller
AAA / AA2201

Capacitive / piezoresistive

PIFOC® Specimen-Focusing Z Stage
Low-Profile with Large Aperture

100 to 500

2.5 to 5122 to 270SGS
PInano® Trak Piezo Tracking System
Fast XY(Z) stage for high dynamics microscopy

70 × 70 ( × 50)


PInano® Cap XY(Z) Piezo System
Capacitive positioning measurement for super-resolution microscopy
AAA200 × 200 (× 200)1

PInano® XY(Z) Piezo System
Low-cost nanopositioning system for superresolution microscopy
AA200 × 200 ( × 200)1

Z/Tip/Tilt Stages

Z and Tip/Tilt Piezo Scanning Stages with Large Clear Aperture

PI's vertical positioning stages with large clear aperture are available with different features to fit each individual application. The main areas of application include various microscopic processes for alignment and Z stacking of samples.

  • Parallel kinematics for best possible precision in multi-axis motion
  • PI offers special scanning stages for commercially available microscopes
Class*Linear Travel [µm]Resolution [nm]Resonant Frequency [Hz]Sensor
Piezo Z and Z / Tip / Tilt Stages
Low Profile, Large Aperture
AAA / AA1000.5 / 2.5410Capacitive / SGS
High-Dynamics Z-Nanopositioner / Scanner
Direct Position Metrology and Clear Aperture
Piezo Z / Tip / Tilt Stage
High-Dynamics with Large Clear Aperture
*   AAA   Reference class
  AA Precision class
  A Standard class




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