PILine® Ultrasonic Piezomotors

Small, High-Speed and Cost-Efficient

  • Silent operation through control frequencies in the ultrasonic range
  • Cost-efficient drive principle: One actuator, one control phase
  • Easy mechanical integration, compact design
  • Self-locking at rest: No holding currents, no heating at stop, no energy consumption and no control jitter
  • Holding force up to 15 N
  • Velocity to 500 mm/s
  • Resolution to 1 nm
Ultrasonic Piezomotor


PILine® ultrasonic piezomotors are small, high-speed and cost-efficient. Ideally suitable for applications of low operating cycles, they can also be integrated as drive into mobile measuring and medical devices. Due to their self-locking, the target position does not have to be held via additional brakes or electrical currents as in the case of magnetic drives.

Linear Positioning Stages

PILine® Linear Positioning Stages 

  • Vacuum-compatible and non-magnetic operating principle
  • Sizes from 35 mm × 35 mm
  • Integrated linear encoders for determining the position directly without mechanical backlash
Class*Linear Travel [mm]Velocity [mm/s]Push/Pull Force [N]Resolution [nm]
Compact Linear Positioning Stage
Fast Linear Motor, Linear Encoder
AA182502100 / 600
Precision Stage with Linear Piezo Drive
Fast, Self-Locking, Low Profile
Dynamic Micropositioning Stage
Low Profile, Linear Encoder





Microscopy Stages

PILine® XY Stages for Microscopy

  • Suitable for standard microscopes from leading manufacturers
  • Constant velocities in the range from a few µm/s to several 100 mm/s

  • Suitable piezo scanning stages for XYZ and Z sample positioning available
Class*Linear Travel [mm]Velocity [mm/s]Push/Pull Force [N]Resolution [nm]
PILine® XY Stage System with Controller and Joystick
Stable, Dynamic, Low Profile
AA100 × 75 or 135 × 851207100
Stage with Piezoceramic Linear Motors
High Stability and Speed, Low-Profile, Direct Position Measurement
AA25 × 251007100
Open-Frame Microscope Stage
Low Profile, Low Drift Design, Long Travel Range
A25 × 25

Rotation Stage

PILine® Rotation Stages

  • Travel ranges >360°, velocities to >720°/s
  • Rotary plate diameter from 20 mm
  • Integrated incremental encoders for determining the position directly without mechanical backlash
Class*Velocity [°/s]Angular Resolution [µrad]Torque [Nm]Rotation Range [°]
Fast Miniature Rotation Stage
With Ultrasonic Piezomotor
Fast Rotation Stage with Small Footprint
With Ultrasonic Piezomotor
Rotation Stage with Direct Drive
Low Profile, Fast
AA7204 to 340.3>360
OEM Piezomotors

PILine® OEM Piezomotors for Simple Integration

  • Simple integration with external guide and external position sensor
  • Wide range of travel ranges and force options of up to 15 N
  • Customized design also possible for rotation drives
Linear Travel [mm]Push/Pull Force [N]Velocity [mm/s]
RodDrive OEM Piezomotor Direct Drive
Low Profile, High Speed, Easy Integration
50 to 1502 to 12200 to 250
Motion Controllers

C-867 Motion Controller and Drivers for PILine®

  • 4+4 programmable TTL inputs/outputs for flexible automation, daisy-chain network of up to 16 units
  • Analog inputs/outputs, joystick operation, digital interfaces: USB and RS-232

  • 2-channel versions for microscopy stages with special control options, macro control for stand-alone operation
PILine® Motion Controller
For Ultrasonic Piezomotors, 1 and 2 Axes
PILine® Motion Controller
For Ultrasonic Piezomotors, 1 and 2 Axes
PILine® Motion Controller
For Ultrasonic Piezomotors, Cost-Efficient and Compact
Driver for PILine® Ultrasonic Piezomotors
Highly Efficient Piezomotor Amplifier
*   AAA   Reference class
  AA Precision class
  A Standard class


Brochure: PILine Ultrasonic Piezomotors
Small, High-Speed and Cost-Efficient
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