Fast Tip/Tilt Piezo Mirrors

Active Optics

  • Two orthogonal, parallel-kinematic tip/tilt axes featuring a common pivot point
  • Optional linear axis for adjustment of the optical path length
  • Compact design
  • Operating frequencies from 100 Hz to >1 kHz
  • PICMA® piezo actuators for maximum reliability
  • Optional strain gauge sensors for high accuracy
  • Frictionless and zero-backlash flexure guides
Fast Tip/Tilt Piezo Mirror

Due to their high dynamics and their two tip/tilt axes featuring a common pivot point, tip/tilt piezo mirrors are used for laser beam steering and control.

Applications include industrial materials processing and medical technology, for example in >> ophthalmology or dermatology. Image stabilization is a further field of application, which benefits from the high dynamics of the system.

Active axesAngular Travel [mrad]Angular Resolution [µrad]Linear Travel [µm]Resonant Frequency [Hz]Sensor
Piezo Tip / Tilt Platform
High-Dynamics, Large-Angle Piezo Tip / Tilt Platforms for Fast Steering Mirrors
ΘX, ΘY2 to 100.05 to 0.5

3700 to 3100SGS
Fast Tip/Tilt Platform
Short Settling Time and High Dynamic Linearity
ΘX, ΘY2 to 50.1 to 0.25– 6000 to 12000SGS
Miniature Piezo Tip / Tilt Mirror
Fast Steering Mirror with up to 100 mrad Deflection
ΘX, ΘY500.5

Piezo Z / Tip / Tilt Platform
High-Speed Tripod System for Mirrors and Optics
Z, ΘX, ΘY40.1302000SGS
Piezo Tip / Tilt-Platform
High-Dynamics for Mirrors and Optics with a Diameter of up to 100 mm (4 inch)
ΘX, ΘY20.2

Piezo Z / Tip / Tilt Scanner
High-Speed System with Clear Aperture
Z, ΘX, ΘY0.6 to 1.20.16 to 129500 to 5500SGS ( S-316 only )

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