Piezo Scanning Stages for 2 to 6 Axes

Reference-Class Piezo Systems

  • PICMA® piezo actuators for maximum reliability
  • Frictionless and zero-backlash flexure guides
  • Short response and settling times in the millisecond range
  • Optional capacitive position sensors of maximum linearity
  • Optional parallel kinematics for high dynamics in all motion axes
  • Optional parallel metrology for active error compensation
Piezo Scanning Stage
Low-Cost XY

Low-Cost 2-Axis Piezo Scanners (XY)

Fast XY positioning stages for small loads are frequently used for microstepping processes. Their rapid step-and-settle motions improve the resolution of optical systems. These include imaging processes in camera technology and image recognition, for example for biometrics or document archiving.

  • SGS position sensors optimized for high linearity
  • Serial and parallel-kinematic designs
  • Highly dynamic through direct drive, low-cost production processes
Class*Linear Travel [µm]Resolution [nm]Nonlinearity [%]Resonant Frequency [Hz]
XY Piezo Scanner
Cost-Effective OEM System with Low Profile
Fast XY Piezo Scanner
Cost-Effective OEM Slide for Imaging


4 × 40.4 (open-loop)

High-Dynamics XY Piezo Scanner
OEM Slide for Imaging Applications, Enhances Image Resolution
A15 × 150.1 (open-loop)

X/Y/Z NanoCube®

NanoCube®: Low-Cost Positioning in up to 3 Axes (X/Y/Z)

NanoCube® is a low-cost all-rounder in nanopositioning technology. Its applications include sample adjustment, handling in microsystem technology, sample handling, fiber positioning and photonics.

  • Modular design of multi-axis systems
  • SGS position sensors optimized for high linearity
Class*Active axesLinear Travel [µm]Resolution [nm]Nonlinearity [%]
XZ & XY Nanopositioner
Compact 2-Axis Piezo System for Nanopositioning Tasks
AAX, Y (X, Z)100 × 10020.1
NanoCube® XYZ Piezo Stage
Compact Multi-Axis Piezo System for Nanopositioning and Fiber Alignment
AAX, Y, Z100 × 100 × 10010.1
Linear Piezo Positioning System
Cost-Effective, Compact Linear Positioning System
Piezo Z Stage
Compact Nanopositioner
XY Piezo Nanopositioning System
Compact, Clear Aperture
AAX, Y100 × 10050.4
X/Y/Z PIHera

PIHera: Modular Positioners with Travel Ranges of up to 1.5 mm (X/Y/Z)

The piezo scanners of the PIHera range show in exemplary fashion the history of success of PI's nanopositioning systems. Their compact design makes them suitable for universal use. Their design allows serial assembly of multi-axis systems at low cost. Their applications include, for example, optic metrology, biotechnology and atomic force microscopy.

  • High-precision piezo positioning systems with travel ranges of up to 1500 µm
  • Capacitive position sensors for maximum positioning accuracy and stability

Class*Active axesLinear Travel [µm]Resolution [nm]Nonlinearity [%]
PIHera XY Piezo Stage
High-Precision XY Nanopositioning Systems with Variable Travel Ranges
AAAX, Y50 × 50 to 1500 × 15000.2 to 3.50.02 to 0.03
PIHera Precision Z-Stage
Variable Travel Ranges and Axis Configuration
AAAZ50 to 2500.1 to 0.50.02
PIHera Piezo Linear Stage
Variable Travel Ranges and Axis Configuration
AAAX50 to 15000.2 to 30.02 to 0.03
XY Sample Scanners

XY Sample Scanners for Microscopy

Their typical low-profile design allows easy integration of positioners especially designed for microscopy into existing structures. Depending on the task at hand, the drive system ranges from being particularly dynamic for tracking applications to long travel ranges for superresolution microscopy.

  • Particularly low profile
  • High dynamics for more efficient throughput times and higher data acquisition rates.
  • High positioning stability of objective slides, including well plates
Class*Active axesLinear Travel [µm]Resolution [nm]Nonlinearity [%]
XY Piezo Stage
Low-Profile XY Nanopositioning System with Large Aperture
AAA / AAX, Y45 × 45 to 200 × 2000.2 to 40.03 / 0.2
PInano® Trak Piezo Tracking System
Fast XY(Z) stage for high dynamics microscopy
AAX, Y, (Z)

70 × 70 ( × 50)


PInano® Cap XY(Z) Piezo System
Capacitive positioning measurement for super-resolution microscopy

X, Y, (Z)

200 × 200 (× 200)1

PInano® XY(Z) Piezo System
Low-cost nanopositioning system for superresolution microscopy
AAX, Y, (Z)200 × 200 ( × 200)1

Precise XY(Z)

2- and 3-Axis Scanners of Maximum Precision (XY(Z)-Stages)

Two- and three-axis nanopositioning stages scan a sample in-plane both in optical and non-optical microscopy and adjust it along the measuring axis. Further fields of application include interferometry, 3D laser lithography and nano imprint technologies.

  • Motion in X and Y
  • Optimized travel accuracy
  • Parallel kinematics with capacitive sensors, large clear aperture
Class*Active axesLinear Travel [µm]Resolution [nm]Nonlinearity [%]
XY(Z) Piezo Nanopositioning Stage
High-Precision XY(Z) Scanner Family with Aperture
AAAX, Y, (Z)30 × 30 ( × 10) to 100 × 100 ( × 10)0.1 to 0.30.03
XY Piezo Scanner
High-Dynamics System with Minimum Runout and Clear Aperture
AAAX, Y100 × 1000.30.03
Multi-Axis Piezo Scanner
High-Dynamics Nanoscanner for Scanning Probe Microscopy
AAAX, Y, ( Z) also X, Y, (ΘZ)100 × 100 ( × 20) bis 200 × 200 ( × 20)0.1 to 20.03
PIMars Nanopositioning Stage
High-Precision Nanopositioning System for up to 6 Axes
AAAX, Y, Z 45 × 45 × 18 to 300 × 300 × 3000.2 to 20.01 to 0.03
Compact XY Nanopositioning System
With Clear Aperture
AAAX, Y200 × 20020.02
Z/Tip/Tilt Stages

Z and Tip/Tilt Piezo Scanning Stages with Large Clear Aperture

PI's vertical positioning stages with large clear aperture are available with different features to fit each individual application. The main areas of application include various microscopic processes for alignment and Z stacking of samples.

  • Parallel kinematics for best possible precision in multi-axis motion
  • PI offers special scanning stages for commercially available microscopes
Class*Linear Travel [µm]Resolution [nm]Resonant Frequency [Hz]Sensor
Piezo Z and Z / Tip / Tilt Stages
Low Profile, Large Aperture
AAA / AA1000.5 / 2.5410Capacitive / SGS
High-Dynamics Z-Nanopositioner / Scanner
Direct Position Metrology and Clear Aperture
Piezo Z / Tip / Tilt Stage
High-Dynamics with Large Clear Aperture
XY(Z) AFM Scanners

PicoCube® AFM Scanners for Atomic Force Microscopy (XY(Z))

Atomic force microscopy (AFM) allows surface measurements at maximum resolution, even down to atomic levels, thus expanding into areas that light microscopes can no longer resolve. This method can provide information on the topography, chemical surface condition, defects, etc. Typical areas of application include life science technologies, materials research and semiconductor inspection.

  • High dynamics through direct drive
  • Nonmagnetic and UHV versions available
Linear Travel [µm]Resolution [nm]Resonant Frequency [Hz]Nonlinearity [%]Sensor
PicoCube XY(Z) Piezo Scanner
High-Dynamics Nanoscanner for Scanning Probe Microscopy
 5 × 5 ( ×5)0.1

3100 in X, Y, 9800 in Z

PicoCube XY(Z) Piezo Scanner
Picometer Precision, High Bandwidth, No Servo Lag, for Scanning Probe Microscopy
1 × 1 × 0.80.02 (open-loop)4000 in X, Y, 11000 in Z

Without Sensor
6-Axis Positioners

Positioner with up to 6 Motion Axes

Differential operation of the actuators for one direction of motion combined with a digital motion controller allows samples or measuring sensors to be aligned not only in the linear axes but also additionally in tip/tilt and rotary angles.

  • Travel range of up to 800 µm
  • Parallel metrology for active error compensation
Class*Linear Travel [µm]Angular Travel [µrad]Resolution [nm]Nonlinearity [%]
6-Axis Precision Piezo Stage
Long Scanning Range, Direct Position Measurement
AAA800 × 800 × 2001

2.2 in X,Y, 0.7 in Z

PIMars 6-Axis Piezo Stage System
High-Precision Nanopositioning System with 6 Degrees of Freedom
AAA200 × 200 × 200±50010.01
*   AAA   Reference class
  AA Precision class
  A Standard class




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