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P-840, P-841 Preloaded Open & Closed Loop Piezo Translators

P-840 and P-841 Preloaded Piezo Translators are high resolution linear actuators for static and dynamic applications. They provide sub-millisecond response and sub-nanometer resolution. The internal spring preload makes them ideal for dynamic applications.

The P-840 is specifically designed for open loop operation. For highest accuracy, the P-841 closed loop version integrates ultra-high resolution strain gage position sensors for operation with PI servo control electronics (click here for details on Position Sensors and Closed Loop Operation ).

The translators are equipped with high reliability multilayer Piezo ceramic stacks protected by an internally spring preloaded non magnetic stainless steel case. The standard translator tip and base have tapped holes. Select the P-840.95 ball tip option to help decouple off-axis or torque loads from the translator tip.

For push/pull forces up to 5 N, the translator can be mounted by clamping around the case. For larger forces, the translator must be mounted by the base. For positioning of magnetic parts the P-176.20 Magnetic Adapter can be screwed into the translator tip.

Application examples:
Static and dynamic positioning, disk drive testing, smart structures, adaptive mechanics, vibration cancellation, switching, laser tuning, patch clamping, etc. (click here for details).

Factory Installed Options:
P-703.20 High Vacuum Option

P-840.95 Ball Tip

P-176.20 Magnetic Adapter with M3 Threaded Stud

Extension cables & connectors.

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