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Taking the leading role in precision positioning means to convert knowledge and experience into technologies and products which approach the limits of what is physically possible. Only in this way, we can offer our customers a technological range which is unrivaled in the world.

Piezo Technology

Piezo Technology

Piezoceramic Components and Actuators

PI Ceramic offers a wealth of experience in the manufacturing of piezoceramic materials, components and actuators. The piezoceramic materials can be adapted individually to perfectly fit the later use of the piezo components. Lead-free piezo ceramics are available for the construction of sensor components. Actuators made of piezo crystals provide a hysteresis-free linear displacement.

PI Actuators

Piezoelectric Drives

Depending on the configuration and control, piezoceramic actuators can be used to create translational motions or as motors with a virtually unlimited travel range. The choice of drive depends on the requirements of the application.

PI Piezomotor Drawing
Electromagnetic Drives

Electromagnetic Drives

Rotating electric motors such as DC or stepper motors are used in connection with screw or worm drives. Stepper motor systems with high-resolution encoders can perform minimum incremental motions of 10 nm with high reliability and repeatability.

PI Magnetic Drive Principle
Parallel Kinematics

Parallel Kinematics

In a parallel-kinematic multi-axis system, all actuators act directly on a single moving platform. This means that all axes can be designed with identical dynamic properties, thus reducing the moved mass considerably. Hexapods are used for moving and precision positioning, aligning and displacing loads in all six degrees of freedom, i.e., three linear and three rotational axes.

PI Hexapod Drawing
Sensor Technologies

Sensor Technologies

The linearity and repeatability achieved are not possible without highest-resolution measuring devices. Accuracies in the range of a few nanometers and below require a position measurement method that can also detect motion in this range.

PI Sensor Technology
Controllers / Software

Controllers and Software

Fast settling or extremely smooth low speed motion, high positional stability, high resolution and high dynamics – the requirements placed on piezo systems vary greatly and need drivers and controllers with a high degree of flexibility.

PI Motion Control
Guiding Systems

Guiding Systems and Force Transmission

Flexure joints, mechanical guide components or magnetic bearings? Which kind of guiding system PI uses in its products depends on parameters such as travel range, required precision, load, lifetime and ambient conditions.

PI Flexure Guides


Careful handling, adequate premises: PI does not only have the necessary equipment for the qualification of materials, components and final products, but also has many years of experience with regard to HV und UHV positioning systems.

PI Vacuum

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