Nanopositioning for Microscopy

Fast – Compact – To the Nanometer

Precision positioning is the key element in all types of microscopy. High-resolution microscopy must be capable of accurate and reproducible positioning of imaging elements and samples. Requirements range from Z focus positioning of the objective to coarse and fine positioning of the sample in X, Y, and Z direction as well as often in θX and θY direction and sometimes even in θZ. PI meets these requirements with a broad product portfolio for inverse microscope systems of all major manufacturers.

Coarse and Fine Positioning Sample Stages

  • U-780 PILine® XY Stage System with Controller and Joystick
    • High-resolution piezo linear drive
    • Self-locking at rest | Low noise
    • Highest stability due to low thermal load and no lubricants
    • Large dynamics range of 10 µm/s to 120 mm/s
    • Travel range to 135 mm x 85 mm
    • Compatible with a wide range of sample holders
  • Large selection of fine positioning stages for positioning of samples (sample holders) in the nanometer range
    • Positioning with (sub)nanometer precision in one (Z) direction or in many DOFs; depending on the model and requirements
    • Wide variety of travel ranges and speed

PIFOC® Objective Scanners: Focusing and Z-Stack Scanning with Nanometer Precision

  • With a wide range of PIFOC® lens scanners, PI provides the ability to do just the experiment / sample analysis you want to perform.
  • Latest developments comprise the newly designed PIFOC® P-725.1CDE2 with improved settling times.

Further Applications

Applications for the Sample Positioning Stages

Further Applications for the PIFOC® Scanner

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Microscopy and Life Sciences

Microscopy and Life Sciences

From genome research through the accurate diagnosis of illnesses to innovative solutions in surgery ‒ life sciences entail numerous disciplines in which new biomedical procedures are researched and devices are developed that are meant to improve the therapy for and quality of life of patients.

U-780 PILine® XY Stage System with Controller and Joystick

Stage for use in live-cell imaging, routine microscopy, automated scanning microscopy and as basis stage for super-resolution microscopy.

PIFOC® Objective & PInano® Sample Scanners for Microscopy

PIFOC® Objective & PInano® Sample Scanners for Microscopy

Piezo flexure stages and objective scanners of the PIFOC® and PInano® series offer high dynamics in positioning and scanning tasks. Well adapted solutions for XY specimen positioning parallel and vertical to the optical axis and Z focusing of the objective are available as standard products.

Precision Positioning of Samples and Objectives

Whether classical stereo microscopy, fluorescent, widefield or laser scanning microscopy, whether SEM, FIB-SEM, TEM, AFM or correlative microscopy - positioning samples and objectives with subnanometer precision is decisive for the quality of your results with all of these techniques. This fully clickable, new “Nanopositioning for Microscopy” brochure provides a comprehensive overview of objective...

Setting up and Adjusting a Fluorescent Microscope for Reliable Examination Results

Fluorescent microscopy does not only help to make nanometer-small structures visible, but also to examine living cells and therefore explore the cell processes. In addition to preparing the sample, it is of paramount importance to set up and adjust the microscope properly to get usable results. This is exactly what the GATTAscope project is all about.



Nanopositioning for Microscopy

Fast, Compact, to the Nanometer

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PI Ultra-High Resolution Microscopy

Ultra-High-Resolution Microscopy in a Modular System

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