Invitation to the Control Trade Fair

The Control in Stuttgart, Germany, is the world's leading trade fair for quality assurance and as such it is the ideal platform for PI to present new drive and system solutions for automation.

Starting Tuesday, May 7, 2019, you can experience products live that meet a very broad range of requirements on resolution, travel range, and dynamics such as magnetic direct drives, piezo motors, six-axis parallel-kinematic, hexapods, or even combinations of multiple axes.

Visit Us at Stand 4216 in Hall 4

We are looking forward to meeting you and hope you have a good journey!

Hexapods / Parallel Kinematics

Hexapods are parallel-kinematic robots that move tools, workpieces or even complex components with weights from a few kilograms to several tons in degrees of freedom with both extreme precision and dynamically.

PIFOC® Objective Scanners for Microscopy

The positioners are available as a complete system including controller, connecting cables, and software. As with all piezo systems, the microscopy stages are tested and preset with measuring protocol before delivery.

Magnetic Direct Drives

PIMag® magnetic direct drives allow sustainable highly dynamic and high-precision motion over longer travel ranges and are suitable for industrial applications that require 24/7 operation.