Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Solutions for Opinion Leaders

Making the Most of the Technological Depth and Breadth

If you are looking for a tailored positioning solution for your application, PI is the right place to be. We advise you right from the very beginning of the concept phase and always keep an eye on your technical requirements and financial circumstances. Our consultants are in a perfect position for gaining an insight into your application and its requirements.

We choose the ideal solution for you from our broad range of technology. All key technologies, drives, sensors, and control are developed at PI. This enables us to adapt everything necessary to your task, irrespective of whether a component or an integrated (sub) system.

Production and qualification takes place exclusively at PI and can therefore be geared to your expectations and needs.


This means for you:

  • Competitive advantages due to unconventional, technological adept solutions
  • The best answer for positioning and motion tasks every time
  • Economic solution concepts
  • Depending on the task: From the drive to a turnkey system
  • Manufacturing and testing capacities from functional samples to mass production
  • Technological development for "things never seen before"

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