PI Setup

Expert Support in Installing Your PI System

PI Setup
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  • Remote support by an expert for your PI system setup
  • Optimal performance of your system right from the start
  • Available for all PI products and systems

Initial installation made easy

Benefit from having an expert guiding you through the initial setup process of your PI system. You can benefit in more than just one way:

  • It takes the pain out of reading through manuals and following the installation procedure step by step.
  • Typical mistakes, which we've noticed especially with new customers, can be avoided.
  • You get a fully productive system that has been optimized for your application right from the beginning.

Optimal performance right from the start

Having a suboptimized stage can result in a poor performance of your system and produce unsatisfactory results. Whereas with a system that is perfectly set up, you get the optimal performance and the desired results right from the start. This ultimately saves time and money.

R-SETUP offers

  • Two-hour telephone support and screen sharing with an expert
  • Remote support for setting up your PI system at a time suitable to you
  • System optimization and tuning tailored to your application and environment




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