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A-523 PIglide High-Precision Z Tip/Tilt Stage with Air Bearings

High Performance • Cleanroom-Compatible • Low Profile
PIglide RT Rotary Air Bearing Module

A-60x PIglide RT Rotary Air Bearing Module

Frictionless, Nonmotorized

A-62x PIglide RM Rotation Stage with Air Bearings

Friction-Free, Ideal for Indexing, Positioning, Scanning, Measuring Technology

A-63x PIglide RL Flat Rotation Stage with Air Bearing

Friction-free, Motorized

A-65x PIglide HB: Hemispherical Air Bearing Module

Friction-Free, Ideal for Rotational Motion on Three Axes
PIglide RLA Rotation Stage with Air Bearings, Large Aperture

A-68x PIglide RLA Rotation Stage with Air Bearings, Large Aperture

Friction-free, Motorized

DT-34 Miniature Rotation Stage

Compact Dimensions, with DC or Stepper Motor

DT-80 Compact Rotation Stage

Large Clear Aperture

L-611 Precision Rotation Stage

High Travel Accuracy

L-611 V6 • V7 • V9 Precision Rotation Stage Suitable for Vacuum

High Travel Accuracy

M-060 • M-061 • M-062 Precision Rotation Stage

Unlimited Travel Range

N-480 High-Precision Kinematic Mirror Mount

With N-470 PiezoMike Linear Actuators

P-517 • P-527 Multi-Axis Piezo Scanner

High Dynamics Nanopositioner / Scanner with Direct Position Measuring

P-518 • P-528 • P-558 Piezo Z/Tip/Tilt Stage

High Dynamics with Large Aperture

PRS-200 Precision Rotation Stage

Large Aperture, High Travel Accuracy

Q-632 Q‑Motion® Rotation Stage

Compact Through Piezo Motor: 30 mm Turntable Diameter

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