F-712.HA Support


The purpose of single-sided and double-sided F-712 FMPA systems. Basic functions of a F-712 FMPA system and information of coarse and fine positioner. What a Global Coordinate System means.


The scope of supply of a F-712.HA2 system and possible accessories. How to mount the mechanics.

Software Installation

Contents of the Software CD and how to install.

PIMikroMove Fast Alignment

  • Customize the view of PIMikroMove and getting started with F-712 FMPA systems.
  • Using the Log window to get faster to your own software application.

Manual Control Pad

Using PI’s Manual Control Pad in a double sided system to find first light.

Area Scan Routine

Area Scan Routine definition with coarse positioner Hexapod and fine positioner NanoCube.

Gradient Search Routine

  • Gradient Search Routine Definition for signal optimization.
  • Gradient Search Routine Definition for tracking.
  • Analyze system resonance to set the Gradient Searches Frequency correctly.

NanoCube Tuning

  • Customize the view of PIMikroMove for tuning.
  • Tune a piezo system e.g. Nanocube for best performance.
  • Verify and adjust the amplitudes of the piezo axis with PIMikroMove.
  • Verify and adjust the phase. Finally a circle looks like a circle.

Hexapod Emulation QEMU

NanoCube Trouble Shooting

Validate if the norming of the axis is correctly done.

PIMikroMove in General

Using PIMikroMove to connect to a controller and assign stages. Important functions and features.