Putting Academic Knowledge into Practice.

At PI miCos.


You have the opportunity at PI miCos to familiarize yourself with the professional world as a work student in an exciting and modern working environment - and to complete your studies successfully with a practice-based bachelor thesis or master thesis.

During your time at PI miCos, you will not only have the chance to get to know the departments and work processes of an internationally operating company, but will also have contacts who will support you by word and deed.

This exchange helps you to expand your professional and personal network and to plan the next steps on your way into your own professional life in the future.

Perhaps even as a career starter at PI miCos?



Questions & Answers

The full application includes:


  • Letter
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Certificate of matriculation
  • Current grades (studies)
  • School leaving certificate
  • If available: Testimonials and certificates on internships
  • Certificates and the Bachelor degree certificate (for masters students)

You apply via our applicant portal – either for a position advertised there or on your own initiative under the heading Job >> "Speculative application".

In principle yes, for this purpose contact the appropriate person at the desired PI location. You can find your contact person >> here.

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