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Medical Technology

The requirements for the products used in MedTech systems are ever increasing. Piezo technology is making a contribution to progress through the miniaturization of devices, with intelligent patient monitoring or gentler therapy options and with the automation of laboratory processes.

Piezoelectric elements for instruments in medical technology and life science are fast, reliable and energy-efficient. They enable minimally invasive treatment methods, for example in endoscopy and catheter ablation. Modern forms of therapy such as incisionless surgery are only made possible by using ultrasound technology with piezo elements. Piezo technology is also used in in-vitro diagnostics and in portable medical devices, for example to precisely dose and handle fluids.

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Contactless Patient Monitoring With UltrasoundIncisionless Surgery Using Therapeutic UltrasoundMiniaturized Tools for Minimally Invasive Medical ProceduresUltrafast Liquid Handling in Small Spaces

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