Nanopositioning Is Fascinating:

PI in Karlsruhe Trains Its 100Th Mechatronics Technician

"It's nice to see how our trainees develop both their professional and personal capabilities and also achieve professional success", says a very enthusiastic Josef Nagel. 

He is head of mechatronics training at PI (Physik Instrumente) in Karlsruhe and welcomed the 100th mechatronics trainee in September.

Josef Nagel established the requirements 15 years ago to integrate the then new vocational training into the company. 

Clemens Vogel was one of the first trainees of all and is now a permanent employee at PI. He remembers: "I found the new teaching content combining mechanics, electronics, and information technology very exciting. In addition, during our training, we were able to get things moving in the real sense of the word, because we were part of the real production process from the very beginning."

Tristan Schneeweis also absolved his training as mechatronics technician at PI and particularly appreciated the personal contact to his superiors and the short decision-making processes. He is currently taking a further education course, which will lead to his qualification as industry master.

Josef Nagel emphasizes further, "It is our objective to train qualified young talent and after successful completion of training, offer them career opportunities in a highly technical industry with high potential for growth". 

The reason for this is obvious because whether it's the mirrors of the largest terrestrial telescope system that have to be aligned or the surfaces of semiconductors that need to checked as well as microscope objectives that need to be focused quickly and accurately or components that have to be moved on the production line - the demand and need for precision positioning systems in many various different fields of industry and research continues to grow.


Philipp Hiessl is therefore looking forward to his comeback to PI after 2 years of fulltime professional training as a technician:  "I am always fascinated by the new technology and products that we develop and their fields of use."