The New Dimension of Precision Automation

Throughput, precision, availability, reliability, and yield – the variety of technologies, the long-term experience in precision positioning, and a modular approach make it possible for PI to react in an application-specific manner to requirements in order to support system integrators and OEMs worldwide in reaching the requested process and machine performances.
For customers in the field of precision automation this combination means that they not only receive an economical high-tech solution quickly and efficiently, giving them a competitive edge in their business sectors, but that they get the assurance of knowing that they are prepared for future requirements.
PI can grow with its customers – both in applications and quantities – and together we can develop new prospects and spaces for solutions in order to push the boundaries of what is possible.

Let us give your application a new dimension.

Your Advantages with PI as a Partner
Competent advice – right from the start
Do you expect sound advice and new approaches when implementing a project or a positioning solution? Due to our many years of experience in precision positioning and its use in different markets, we can support you early on in your conception and design phase to quickly find the optimal solution for your application – while always considering feasibility, profitability, and required timeline.
Flexible configuration and application-specific adaptation
Does your process require the combination of different drive technologies, motion axes, control systems, and application software to achieve the required performance? Your positioning solution may meet its current needs, but now you are faced with new requirements? As we have a broad portfolio for precision positioning and its core technologies such as sensors, guides, software and control systems, we can efficiently configure standard products into systems or develop customized solutions.
Different integration levels and high integration capability
Do you only need individual components or a highly integrated positioning system with coordinated control and software? Thanks to our technological breadth and vertical range of manufacturing, we can offer different levels of integration, and also design our products and systems so that they optimally fit into your applications and are quickly ready for operation.
High economic profitability
Do you want to make the best possible use of your available installation space and at the same time achieve higher yields? Our space-optimized design and the high power density of our systems enable you to develop machines with maximum throughput in the smallest space. In this way you achieve a high return on investment (ROI) for your customers in relation to the unit produced.
Always near you
Do your customers expect fast reaction times from the first inquiry through the service case to fast delivery times? We are present around the globe with nine production sites and 15 sales and service offices in Europe, North America and Asia, and always close to you.

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It Always Seems Impossible. Until It’s Done.

When it comes to your future, nothing may remain impossible. That is why, we are already working today on the solutions for tomorrow.