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All digital controllers made by PI are accompanied by a comprehensive software package. PI supports users as well as programmers with detailed online help and manuals which ease initiation of the inexperienced but still answer the detailed questions of the professional. Updated software and drivers are always available to PI customers free of charge via the Internet.

PI software covers all aspects of the application from the easy start-up to convenient system operation via a graphical interface and quick and comprehensive integration in external programs.

Not every function is available for all controllers. For details, please refer to the corresponding product datasheets.


Supported Operating Systems:

  • Windows 7 32/64 Bit
  • Windows 8 32/64 Bit
  • Windows 10 32/64 Bit
  • Linux 32/64 Bit

Universal Command Set Simplifies Commissioning and Programming

PI developed the PI General Command Set (GCS) that is used to control all nano and micropositioning systems regardless of the drives and motion controllers used. The standardized command structure throughout only requires one-off familiarization time and reduces the chance of errors in programming. This saves time when developing own application programs.

PIMikroMove Software Ensures Rapid Start-Up

PIMikroMove controls all PI positioning systems in a clear and convenient manner, regardless of whether piezoelectric, magnetic, or classical electric motor drives are used and independent of the configuration and number of axes.

All connected controllers and axes are displayed with the same graphical interface. For a multi-axis application, various controllers can be used and commands can still be issued via PIMikroMove in the same window. Two or more independent axes can be controlled with the position pad using a mouse or joystick; also as vectors, hexapod six-axis positioning systems are also displayed graphically.

This product includes software developed by Inprise Corporation.


Macro programs simplify repetitive tasks as are common in automated processes. The macros are created as GCS sets that, depending on the system, can be executed directly on the controller, e.g., as a start-up macro or be processed by the host PC.

Scan algorithms can record analog values as a function of position or find the global maximum of an analog value fully automatically. Depending on the specific controller, PIMikroMove supports a number of different functions. A data recorder can for example, record motion and system parameters.

Optimized System Behavior

When the mechanical properties of a positioning system are changed, e.g., by applying a different load, motion control parameters often need to be adapted. PI software provides tools for optimization of the system response and stability and to save different parameter sets for later recall, which are then accessible for custom application programs.

Fast Integration of PI Controllers in Third-Party Programming Languages and Software Environments

For example, in measuring and control technology and automation engineering, many applications are produced in NI LabVIEW. PI provides complete NI LabVIEW drivers. A controller-specific Configuration_Setup VI is integrated at the start of the NI LabVIEW application and includes all system information and initiation steps required for start-up. The application itself is implemented with controller-independent VIs. In case of controller upgrades or changes, it is usually only necessary to exchange the Configuration_Setup VI, whereas the application-specific code remains identical due to the consistent GCS structure. The driver set includes numerous specific programming examples, e.g., comprehensive scan and align routines that can be used as template for customer-specific programs. In addition, the open source code of many VIs allows for rapid adaption to the user needs.

Flexible Integration in Text-Based Programming Languages

The integration of PI positioning systems in text-based programming languages under Microsoft Windows or Linux is simplified by program libraries and exemplary codes.
These libraries support all common programming languages and all PI positioning systems, allowing the PI GCS functions to be integrated seamlessly in external programs.

Third-Party Software Packages

Drivers for the PI GCS have now been integrated in many third-party software packages. This allows integration of PI systems in software suites such as MetaMorph, µManager, MATLAB, and ScanImage. In addition, EPICS and TANGO drivers are available for integration into experiments of large-scale research facilities. The drivers for µManager, MATLAB, and a large part of the EPICS drivers are being developed and serviced in-house by PI.

Supported languages and software environments
C, C++, Python, Visual C++, Visual Basic, Delphi
NI LabVIEW, MATLAB, µManager, EPICS, TANGO, MetaMorph
As well as all programming environments which support the loading of DLLs

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