Invitation to SPS

How can positioning systems support you with the ever increasing demand from industrial manufacturing on precision, throughput, and efficiency? Which drive technology and control solutions are best suited to the respective application and can also be integrated into the existing periphery? We would be pleased to answer your questions personally at the SPS in Nuremberg and can also help you with advice on any of your current projects.

We will be showing new positioning solutions at the specialist exhibition for electronics automation between November 26 and 28 and these will include for example, multi-axis combinations for laser material processing or tactile and optical testing of electronic devices.

Visit Us At Stand 4-460 In Hall 4

We are looking forward to meeting you and hope you have a good journey!

Solutions for Industrial Manufacturing and Quality Control

Tactile and Optical Testing of Electronic Devices

Electronic devices are becoming smaller, more complex, operate in different environments, and include several types of components that require tactile, optical, and electronic testing methods.
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Industrial Laser Material Processing

Machining platforms for creating tiny geometries in the micron range demand motion systems that provide a consistent, accurate and dynamic processing in multiple dimensions.
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Laser Processing of High-Density Structures over Large Areas

The processing of high-density structures over large areas such as laser drilling or laser marking of PCBs requires solutions that provide high precision and high throughput. The combination of multi-axis positioning systems with a highly dynamic galvanometer scanner can address the needs of industrial production.
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Motion Simulation for Qualifying Gyroscopes

Gyroscopic instruments, i.e. Gyroscopes, can detect and measure a rotary motion or acceleration of the external reference system in relation to the rotating mass. For example, built into theodolites they are used for precise measurements in geodesy, mining, or geology. Due to their properties, gyroscopes are also used for active attitude control in aerospace and marine applications.
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Motion Simulation for Testing Image Stabilization

Taking sharp pictures despite poor lighting conditions, taking snapshots without blurring, recognizing traffic signs or road markings in driver assistance systems, or identifying dangerous situations in surveillance systems - all of this is possible today with the help of modern cameras. But how good is the still and video image quality of a camera or smartphone?
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