Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Solutions

Advanced Technology for Securing Competitive Advantage

PI (Physik Instrumente) is a strong partner in the OEM business, because PI concentrates the broadest technology portfolio for precision positioning worldwide. That gives customers the assurance that the best possible solution is always selected for their application and without any limitations.

All key technologies, the drives, the sensor technology, and the control are developed exclusively by PI. On the one hand, that assures the flexibility to realize adaptations quickly. On the other hand, the in-depth know-how makes solutions possible that are both technologically new and unconventional.

Production and qualification takes place exclusively at PI and can therefore be geared to the expectations and needs of the customer.

This means

  • Competitive advantages due to unconventional, technological adept solutions
  • The best answer for positioning and motion tasks every time
  • Economic solution concepts
  • Depending on the task: From the drive to a turnkey system
  • Manufacturing and testing capacities from functional samples to mass production
  • Technological development for "things never seen before"

Long-term business relationships, reliability, and open and friendly communication with customers and suppliers form an important mainstay for PI – more important than short-term gain.

Dr. Karl Spanner, President of PI (CEO)

Examples of Successful Customized OEM Products

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Standard Products That Offer OEM Versions

OEM Users Benefit from Technological Breadth

The complete control over the design and manufacturing process provides our customers with significant competitive advantages, as PI can modify and customize its products in all areas, from drive and sensor technology, to the control technology and software.

All system components are developed, manufactured and tested in-house. Optimized processes allow PI to deliver customized products in quantities up to several 100,000 units per year at low cost and right on time.

The range of OEM products offered by the PI Group varies widely, ranging from "bare" actuators and sensors to highly integrated parallel-kinematic positioning systems. Evaluation of pre-production run samples, test proceduresproduction processes and quality management are all included in the development process.

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Our Core Competences for OEM

Levels of Integration

PI is a leading supplier of high-precision devices in various states of integration. Components like piezo drives, sensors and compact motion controllers can be adapted to fit into OEM machines and production equipment. Manufacturing capacity for volume production is granted. The classical positioning system provides easiest set-up and allows for individual integration into an application. Fully integrated systems offer full functionality designed according to unique market requirements.