Controllers & Drivers for Piezomotors

Piezomotor controllers are designed to optimize the performance of the various piezomotor drives. They are available as single-channel or multi-channel devices in  benchtop, rackmount or OEM versions. 

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Buy PI Products Online

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For Q-Motion® and PiezoMike Inertia Piezomotors

E-872.401 Q-Motion® Piezo Motor / PiezoMike Drive Electronics

Drives up to 4 Linear Actuators, Benchtop Device

E-873.10C885 Q-Motion® Controller Module for C-885 PIMotionMaster

For Piezoelectric Inertia Drives, 1 Axis

E-873 Q-Motion® Servo Controller, 1 Axis

For Piezoelectric Inertia Drives, SPI, TCP/IP, USB, RS-232 Interfaces

For PILine® Ultrasonic Piezomotors

C-877.1U11 PILine® Motion Controller

For Ultrasonic Piezo Motors, 1 Axis, Inexpensive and Compact

C-867.2U2 PILine® Motion Controller

For Two-Axis Positioning Stages with PILine® Ultrasonic Piezo Motors

C-867.1U PILine® Motion Controller

For Single-Axis Positioning Stages with PILine® Ultrasonic Piezo Motor

C-867.10C885 PILine® Controller Module

For C-885 PIMotionMaster Modular Controller System

For PiezoWalk® Piezo Stepping Drives

E-861.11C885 NEXACT® Controller Module

For the C-885 PIMotionMaster Modular Controller System

E-712.1AN • E-712.2AN • E-712.3AN Digital Controller for PICMAWalk Walking Drives

1 to 3 Axes, for Drives with Incremental Sensors
PI E-862

E-862 NEXACT® Drive Electronics

Low-Cost Drive Electronics for NEXACT® Piezo Stepping Drives
PI E-861

E-861 PiezoWalk® NEXACT® Controller

Networkable Controller for NEXACT® Linear Drives and Positioners

E-712.1AM Digital Motion Controller

For NEXLINE® Piezo Walking Drives, 1 Axis