Motion Controllers for Motor/Screw-Drives

For DC Servo Motors, Stepper Motors

Single Channel Motor Controllers

Multi Channel Controllers

PI SMC Hydra
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SMC Hydra Motion Controller

For Electromagnetic Motors

  • 2-D vector motion with linear interpolation, independent single-axis motions
  • Digital inputs and outputs
  • Optional: Encoder-based trigger output
  • Optional: Position capture input: Position detection in real time via digital input
  • Optional: Dynamic position correction
C-887.53x EtherCAT
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C-887.53x Hexapod Motion Controller with EtherCAT

Control a 6-Axis Positioning System via Fieldbus Interface

  • Synchronous clock for entire automation line
  • Synchronous motion in 6 axes
  • Cycle time 1 ms
  • Commanding in Cartesian coordinates
  • Analog interface and motion stop option
PI C-887.52
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C-887.52x Hexapod Motion Controller

Compact Bench-Top Device for Controlling 6-Axis Systems

  • Sophisticated controller using vector algorithms
  • Commanding in Cartesian coordinates
  • Changes of the reference system with a simple command
  • Analog interfaces and Motion Stop
  • Extensive software support
PI C-884
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C-884 Four Axis Motion Controller

For DC Motors and Brushless DC Motors

  • High-speed encoder input up to 50 MHz
  • Non-volatile memory for stand-alone operation
  • Data recorder
  • Interfaces: TCP/IP, USB and RS-232
  • USB interface for human interface devices
PI C-843
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C-843 DC-Servo-Motor Controller

Servo Motion Controller / Driver PCI Board for 2 or 4 Axes

  • Two and four axis version
  • Very cost-effective: Servo amplifiers on-board
  • Additional PWM outputs for high-power motors
  • Trapezoidal curve, S-curve and velocity profile
  • 32 k samples RAM for high-speed buffer operations
  • 16 I/O lines for flexible automation
  • Fast PCI communication, 120 µs for position read
  • Extensive software support
  • PI GCS (General Command Set) Compatible

Modules for Motor Controllers