E-712.1AM Digital Motion Controller

For NEXLINE® Piezo Stepping Drives

PI E-712.1AM
Special control algorithms for NEXLINE® nanopositioning linear-motor actuators
Highly stable 20-bit D/A converter
Servo frequency 50 kHz
Flexible interfaces: Ethernet, RS-232, USB

Digital Motion Controller

The E-712.1AM is a high-performance single channel piezo controller for high-precision and powerful NEXLINE® drives with incremental encoders. It is equipped with high-performance, low-noise amplifiers and is capable of controlling NEXLINE® step algorithms. The P-I controller offers 2 configurable notch filters.

Comprehensive Functions

The controller is equipped with a data recorder and a wave generator. The comprehensive software package also contains LabVIEW drivers and shared libraries for Windows and Linux.


Ethernet, USB, RS-232 as well as 8 digital inputs and outputs each for triggers. The LEMO interface enables external synchronization.


High-load stepping drives combine piezo clamping and shear actuators, in order to move a rod. The drives feature particularly high forces and stiffnesses. They are capable of dynamically compensating oscillations in the range of a few micrometers with nanometer resolution.

Fields of application

Industry and research. Semiconductor manufacturing and inspection.


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PI Datasheet E-712.1AM

Digital Motion Controller, for NEXLINE piezo stepping drives
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