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M-231 High-Resolution Linear Actuator with DC and Stepper Motor

Precise and Cost-Efficient, Slim Design

PI M-231
Travel range 17 mm
Min. incremental motion 0.1 µm
Velocity to 1.5 mm/s
Closed-loop DC servo and stepper motor versions
MTBF >5,000 h

Compact precision-class linear drive

Cost-efficient, high-resolution linear actuator, DC mike and stepper mike Rotating end piece, rotating pusher. Fits to the


High-quality components

Extremely low-friction and backlash-free construction. Noncontact limit switches protect the mechanical system. Closed-loop variants with differential encoder driver for a safe position signal transmission at distances up to 10 mm


Motor variants

  • Position-controlled DC motors with a gearhead and high-resolution rotary encoders allow for incremental motion and repeatability of just 100 nm
  • Low-vibration 2-phase stepper motors with gearhead allow for smooth and accurate open-loop positioning


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Drawings / Images

PI M-231 Drawing
PI M-105.30 M-231

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High-Resolution Linear Actuator with DC Motor, 17 mm, Limit Switches
High-Resolution Linear Actuator with Stepper Motor, 17 mm, Limit Switches

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M-168 / M-22x / M-23x Linear Actuators
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M-231 High-Resolution Linear Actuator
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