Motion Control Software

All digital controllers made by PI are accompanied by an extensive software package. It includes the user software which is installed on a host PC connected to the controller. PI relies on platform-independent concepts which make it possible for the positioning systems to be integrated into the most common operating systems. >> Platform-Independent Software Concepts

PI software covers all aspects relevant to the application and supports a quick and comprehensible integration into external programs>> Third-Party Support

The user software allows the user to command the motion and positioning task. This software is essentially structured into three groups of software:


  • User programs are used to set up the controller while starting the positioning system up, to find the optimal parameters for the application at hand as well as carrying out standard positioning tasks. These programs have a (graphical) user interface and can be used intuitively. In addition, experts can use a powerful text-based input program. >> User Programs
  • Specific user programs for hexapods such as simulation tools to define the motion range and permissible forces support the integration of those parallel-kinematic motion systems. >> Software Tools for Hexapods
  • Programming interfaces allow the user to integrate a PI controller into their own user programs. The control of the positioning system therefore becomes part of the user program. Interfaces are available for all common programming languages including NI LabVIEW and MATLAB. >> Support in Programming

PI Software and Interfaces

The diagram shows how PI software and interfaces support the customers’ tasks in the best way.


The PI software is continuously improved and updated. To keep it up to date, there is a program designed and developed by PI, the so called "PIUpdateFinder". It is part of every software package. The PIUpdateFinder searches online for updates of all PI software components installed on the customer's computer.

Software Files


Version / Date
PIUpdateFinder / 2021-04
zip - 8 MB

ACS Motion Control Software

For automation tasks with industrial standards we recommend the motion controllers of our partner, ACS Motion Control. These high-performance motion controllers include a comprehensive software suite for easy setup, fast application development, and quick diagnostics. Software applications also integrate and manage potential peripherals into machine control e.g. for laser processing applications. Customizable software platforms for high precision machining and processing round up the portfolio. ACS also offers a PC-based control solution where the soft controller acts as powerful motion controller and PLC at the same time.

>> Learn more on ACS Motion Control

Operating systemSupported software
Windows 8.1Complete user software, USB and PCI driver in 32 and 64-bit
Windows 10Complete user software, USB and PCI driver in 32 and 64-bit
Windows 11Complete user software, USB and PCI driver in 64-bit
LinuxPITerminal, shared objects, NI LabVIEW driver, Python, MATLAB, HW driver in 32 and 64-bit
macOSDLL (PI_GCS2_DLL) and NI LabVIEW driver upon request

External Links

In order to use special functions for piezo systems in PIMikroMove, the LabWindows/CVI Run-Time Engine may be required; it can be found here:

LabWindows/CVI Run-Time Engine


The installation of the Microsoft Security Update for USB Drivers is recommended for Windows computers which do not have an internet connection:

Microsoft Security Update