XY Piezo Flexure Stages

High-precision 2-axis nanopositioning systems integrate PICMA® piezo actuators for maximum reliability. Repeatable, drift-free positioning with optimal stability is possible by the use of high-quality nanometrology sensors.

2-Axis piezo scanners for small loads are frequently used for scanning and tracking processes. Their rapid step-and-settle motions improve the resolution of optical systems. These include imaging processes in camera technology and image recognition, for example for biometrics or document archiving.

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Compact XY Piezo Stages

P-611.XZ • P-611.2 XZ and XYZ Nanopositioner

P-620.2 – P-629.2 PIHera XY Piezo Stage

XY Piezo Flexure Stages with Aperture

P-612.2 XY Piezo Nanopositioning System

P-541.2 • P-542.2 XY Piezo Stage

P-733.2 XY Piezo Nanopositioner

PI P-734.2CL

P-734 XY Piezo Scanner

P-763 Compact XY Nanopositioner

P-545.xR8S PInano® XY(Z) Piezo System

P-545.xC8S PInano® Cap XY(Z) Piezo System

P-545.3D8S PInano® Trak Piezo Tracking System