PL0xx PICMA® Chip Actuators

Miniature Multilayer Piezo Actuators

Superior lifetime
Ultra-compact: From 2 mm × 2 mm × 2 mm
Ideal for dynamic operation
Microsecond response
Subnanometer resolution
UHV-compatible to 10-9 hPa

Piezo linear actuator with PICMA® multilayer technology

Operating voltage -20 to 100 V. Ceramic insulation, polymer free. Humidity resistance. UHV-compatible to 10-9 hPa, no outgassing, high bakeout temperature. Flexible thanks to numerous designs. Versions with rectangular, round or annular cross section.

Possible modifications

PTFE-insulated wire leads. Various geometric shapes, inner hole. Precision-ground ceramic end plates.

Fields of application

Industry and research. For laser tuning, microdispensing, life sciences.


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Drawings / Images

PI PL0xx PD0xx Inner Hole




User Manual PZ265

PL022 / PL033 / PL055 / PL088 PICMA® Chip miniature multilayer piezo actuators; PD161 Round PICMA® Chip miniature multilayer piezo actuators; PD050 / PD080 / PD120 / PD150 / PD160 Round PICMA® Chip miniature multilayer piezo actuators with inner hole
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Short Instructions PZ264EK

PICMA® Multilayer Piezo Actuators P-080, P-88x, PD0xx, PD410, PL0xx, PL1xx, PICMA® Stack, PICMA® Chip, PICMA® Bender
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