Piezoelectric Spheres & Hemispheres

Piezoceramic Hollow Spheres, Hemispheres, Focus Bowls

Fields of Application

Medical HIFU
Therapeutic Ultrasound
Sonar Transducers

PI Ceramic develops and produces customer-specific semi- and hollow spheres as well as focus bowls in a variety of geometries and electrode designs, e.g. with and without contacting. From miniaturized spheres for medical technology purposes to large components for hydroacoustic applications and the generation of high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU), piezo spheres offer high sensitivity and durability.

Typical Configurations

Customer-Specific Designs on Request

  • Geometry variations e.g. collar, flattening, phases, spheres with or without hole
  • Focus bowls with customized diameters
  • Various electrode designs, e.g. wrap-around electrodes or laser structuring
  • Geometry-dependent setting of the frequency
  • Contacting by soldered strands or wires


OD         Outer Diameter [mm]

ID           Inner Diameter [mm]

TH          Thickness [mm]

H             Height [mm]


 Hollow SpheresHemispheresFocus Bowls
MaterialPIC255,  PIC151,  PIC155,  PIC181
OD [mm]2 - 1002 - 1002 - 130
ID [mm]> 1> 1> 1
TH [mm]0,2 – 20 (depending on OD and ID)
H [mm]  Max. 50
ElectrodesThick film: Ag
PVD Thin Layer: CuNi, Au, Ag

Helpful Formulas


Radial Oscillation






Frequency Constants

 Np (sphere)
PIC 1511900
PIC 1522000*
PIC 1531900*
PIC 1551800*
PIC 2551600
PIC 1441950*
PIC 1842000*
PIC 2412000*
Hard-PZT (high Qm) 
PIC 1812000
PIC 3001950*

*interpolated values


Miniaturized Half and Hollow Spheres

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