XYZ Piezo Flexure Scanners

3-Axis Nanopositioning Scanners of Maximum Precision

These Piezo flexure Scanners show in exemplary fashion the history of success of PI's nanopositioning systems. Their compact design makes them suitable for universal use. Their design allows serial assembly of multi-axis systems at low cost. Their applications include, for example, optic metrology, biotechnology and atomic force microscopy.

Piezo Flexure XYZ Positioners and Scanner

PI P-616 NanoCube®
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P-616 NanoCube® Nanopositioner

Compact Parallel-Kinematic Piezo System for Nanopositioning and Fiber Alignment

  • Parallel-kinematic design for the highest stiffness in all spatial directions
  • Highly dynamic motion due to high resonant frequencies even with loads up to 50 g
  • Innovative product design for flexible use due to single mounting platform.
  • Only nanopositioner available on the market with ID chip functionality
  • Smallest and lightest NanoCube® with 100 µm travel range on the market
PI P-611.3S
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P-611.3 NanoCube® XYZ Piezo Stage

Compact Multi-Axis Piezo System for Nanopositioning and Fiber Alignment

  • Travel range to 120 µm × 120 µm × 120 µm
  • Ultra-compact: 44 mm × 44 mm × 44 mm
  • Resolution to 0.2 nm
  • Rapid response
  • Frictionless, high-precision flexure guiding system
  • Outstanding lifetime due to PICMA® piezo actuators
  • For fast scanning
  • Version with integrated fiber adapter interface
  • Especially cost-effective systems
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P-733.2 • P-733.3 XY(Z) Piezo Nanopositioning Stage

High-Precision XY(Z) Scanner Family with Aperture

  • Travel ranges to 100 µm × 100 µm in X,Y and to 10 µm in Z
  • Resolution to 0.1 nm with capacitive sensors
  • High-speed versions with direct drive
  • Vacuum-compatible and non-magnetic versions
  • Parallel kinematics for enhanced dynamics and better multi-axis accuracy
  • Parallel metrology for active trajectory control
  • Frictionless, high-precision flexure guiding system
  • Clear aperture 50 mm × 50 mm for transmitted-light applications
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P-561 • P-562 • P-563 PIMars Nanopositioning Stage

High-Precision Nanopositioning System for up to 6 Axes

  • Parallel kinematics / metrology for enhanced responsiveness and multi-axis precision
  • Travel ranges to 300 x 300 x 300 µm
  • Highest linearity and stability with capacitive sensors
  • Frictionless, high-precision flexure guiding system
  • Excellent scanning flatness
  • High-dynamics XYZ version available; custom versions to 6 degrees of freedom
  • Clear aperture 66 mm x 66 mm
  • Outstanding lifetime due to PICMA® piezo actuators
  • UHV versions to 10-9 hPa
PI P-517.3CL
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P-517 • P-527 Multi-Axis Piezo Scanner

High-Dynamics Nanoscanner for Scanning Probe Microscopy

  • 2- and 3-axis versions (XY and XYθZ)
  • Travel ranges to 200 µm
  • Subnanometer resolution