Extended Warranty & Extended Warranty PLUS

PI’s Global Services Division (GSD) is a support team dedicated to delivering a world class customer experience to the PI customer community. PI provides a suite of packaged services that enable customers to tailor the service type that best suits their unique needs. Whether it is a technical issue, a product optimisation enquiry, a system malfunction, or the need to have an expert on-site, a member of the GSD is ready to take your call.

Extended Warranty & Extended Warranty PLUS

PI's Extended Warranty delivers wrap around protection for customers that have applications that last more than 2 years.

Adding additional layers of protection around your purchase is like investing in an insurance policy. You hope you never need to use it, but you are extremely grateful that it is there when you need it the most.

Every PI product and component is manufactured to the highest standard and with the care and commitment that is synonymous with PI.

In the event that a customer requires service support, encounters a system issue, or after 24 months experiences a warranty failure, it is good to know that they are protected. Extended warranty can provide protection for up to 60 months of the products life.

This extended warranty period can provide:

  • cost protection from any latent defects
  • extended access to PI’s global support desk
  • service level response times for support enquiries
  • priority service for warranty repairs and fault analysis

With all the benefits of extending the warranty period, PLUS protection against normal wear and tear.
PI offers customers the chance to take out protection, for replacement parts that fail due to ordinary wear and tear*.
This delivers a significant opportunity for PI’s customers to reduce their potential total cost of ownership.

Extended Warranty PLUS provides:

  • all the benefits of Extended Warranty
  • cover for replacement parts that have failed due to ordinary wear and tear


*The application must not exceed the products stated capability (e.g. load, travel range, duty cycle, orientation or environment) and must not have the wear and tear accelerated due to user error, exposure to radiation or any abrasive foreign particles found inside the mechanics. Maximum of two wear and tear claims per product over the 3 year period.

What Is Not Covered?

Extended Warranty and Extended Warranty PLUS do not cover repair costs that are caused by user error, exceeding the products specified capabilities, used in an environment not appropriate to the system (e.g. HV stages used in a UHV environment), where wear and tear can be accelerated (e.g. exposure to radiation) or where a foreign substance is present inside the system and contributes to any failure (e.g. liquid, airborne or static abrasive particles).

Cancellation Policy

Customers will be offered a 14-day cancellation policy where they can request a credit for the Extended Warranty and default back to the original warranty that ships as standard with each system. Any request will need to be made in writing to PI within 14 days from the date of the invoice.

Returns Procedure

If a customer experiences a system fault, they are encouraged to contact their local service desk for technical service and support.

The service team will decide on whether the system needs to be returned to PI for further investigation if the fault cannot be fixed remotely. A Returns Material Authorization number will be issued and the system can be returned to PI quoting this reference.

For system faults covered under warranty, extended or otherwise, the system is repaired and returned to the customer without charge.

For systems not covered under warranty, that is, the warranty period has expired or the fault with the system was found to be due to reasons other than a manufacturing defect, the customer is contacted and informed of the costs that would incur if the customer decided to proceed with the repair. If the customer decides not to proceed with the repair, then the customer is charged for the fault investigation and the unit is returned to the customer.

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