On-Site Services

Setup, Maintenance, and Support

PI is dedicated to supporting its customers' right from the initial consultation through to when a customer has purchased a PI system. Beyond that, PI's services division is committed to ensuring that every aspect of owning a PI stage is catered for.

On-Site Scheduled Services

Having a PI engineer on-site to assist with any customer requests can be a real asset. Our specialists can perform a range of services and are happy to support any request. The On-Site Scheduled Services are resources booked in advance and include but are not limited to:

One day on site of a PI engineer to unbox, set up, and commission the new PI stage and ensure it is working and operational. Throughout the set-up process the user learns about essential system tips and tools, capabilities of the PI software and GCS Command set, and receives answers to any question. This service applies to any system that is being driven by a PI motion controller.

Preventative maintenance is the best way to look after a PI system. Having a PI expert to look at the essential lubricants of your stage and the general condition of its motor can be the difference between a wear-and-tear system failure and prolonging the life of the motion device.

One day on-site consultancy with a PI senior engineer. Their focus is flexible and can be tailored for unique situation but might typically be spent on:

  • A proactive advisory role closely working with the user to further enhance the application
  • Investigating any challenges or system faults
  • Optimizing the PI stage when it is sited with its payload
  • Tuning and recalibration of a stage that has had a change in its environment

Any request is accommodated as best as possible to ensure the best value from the time the PI engineer spends on site.

Ask an engineer!

Quickly receive an answer to your question by email or phone from a local PI sales engineer.

The scope of Services we provide may differ from one region to another. Please contact your local PI sales engineer for details.