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What is 'World Class Service & Support?'

Customers everywhere would define World Class Customer Support differently. They may consider the highest priority being the speed of response, how empathetic and understanding the support engineer isthe level of competence of the person that deals with the request, or it could simply be how quickly the solution was found. Whatever the priority is for customer service and support, PI is committed to exceeding all expectations that relate to our service deliverables.

This level of conditioning means that PI’s customers are able to benefit from World Class customer support services regardless of their requirement, challenge or need.

PI’s On-Site Services are focused on ensuring that:


  • The right people are:
  • In the right place;
  • At the right time;
  • With the right skills.

On-Site Scheduled Services

Having a PI expert on-site to assist with any customer request can be a real asset. Our specialists can perform a range of services and are happy to support any request. The On-Site Scheduled Services are resources booked in advance and include (but not limited to):

One-day on site of a PI senior engineer to un-box, set-up, and commission your new PI stage and ensure it is working and operational. Throughout the set-up process we will share with the user, essential system tips and tools, capabilities of the PI software and GCS Command set, and answer any questions that you have. This service applies to any system that is being driven by a PI motion controller.

Ensuring that a new user gets the most out of their PI system, PI's technical experts can deliver on-site hands on support, to provide:

  • A user with a broad understanding of how to get the best from your PI stage
  • Hands-on training on how to optimize and maximize the potential of your new PI systems
  • A bespoke training package tailored to your specific request and needs



Preventative maintenance is the best way to look after your PI system. Having a PI expert to look at the essential lubricants of your stage and the general condition of its motor can be the difference between a wear and tear system failure and prolonging the life of your motion device.

One-day on site for a PI senior engineer to be at your disposal. Their focus is flexible and can be tailored for your unique situation, but might typically be spent on:

  • A proactive advisory role working with you to further enhance your application
  • Investigating any challenges or system faults
  • Optimizing your stage when its sited with its payload
  • Tuning and recalibration of a stage that has had a change in its environment

We will accommodate any request as best as possible to ensure that you get the best value from the time PI spends with you on your site.

Extended Warranty

PI products come with a standard warranty of either 12 or 24 months. But many customers have projects that go beyond this period and for customer peace of mind it is important that the system can be protected by an additional warranty period extended to 3, 4 or 5 years.

Contracted Support Services

With a growing number of diverse applications where PI’s stages are used, the customers that are reliant on system reliability and up-time is on the increase. In response to this demand, PI has designed a series of wrap around service packages to support these customers and meet their needs.

Now, those customers that subscribe to PI’s Contractual Support Services will be committing PI to sign up to agreed Service Levels. These include remote response service levels from when the customer first contacts PI and also on getting the right PI expert to the customer site.

Supported by four Global Service Hubs in Asia, China, Europe and USA, with field product specialists working for these hubs, PI are able to encompass all technologies and customer applications via this global support team.

As every customer and application is different, the Services Division tailors each Contractual service to the customer, which means the agreement only consists of those service elements that are critical to the customer and the service level agreements (SLA) PI commit to are in line with the customer’s needs.

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