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Highly Qualified Consultancy Through Trained Specialists

Individual advice often is key to solve a complex problem. PI sales engineers are ready to come on site with all the time necessary for a solid understanding of the topic. Or they will gladly meet at the PI head office. All PI sales engineers have a background in natural sciences or engineering, and have up to 20 years of experience in optical, micro- or nanopositioning technology.

Direct sales contact

International Support

PI subsidiaries and distributors in many countries across the world guarantee global support – a decisive advantage, expecially for globally operating customers. The globally distributed local subsidiaries are more than mere sales agencies. This benefits customers as many locations offer:

  • R&D departments, which are able to react promptly and without time difference to the needs of the local markets and ensure a direct dialog with the customers
  • Service facilities for diagnosis and repair as well as metrology equipment for tests, system calibration, and quality assurance
  • Sample and prototype construction - in close contact with development departments and direct contact with customers
  • Market specialists, who are up-to-date on the requirements in specific market segments worldwide. The PI Group can respond with prefectly adapted product developments

PI subsidiaries and distributors worldwide

The scope of Services we provide may differ from one region to another. Please contact your local PI sales engineer for details.

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