PICA Shear Actuators

Multi-Axis Piezo Actuators and Shear Actuators

PICA Shear piezo actuators are extremely compact and allow sub-nanometer resolution, high-speed response times and high positioning forces. Piezo actuators in stacked design can be configured for shear displacement.

When combined with longitudinal actuators, particularly compact multi-axis piezo actuators can be assembled. A relatively large displacement combined with low electrical capacitance allows excellent dynamic properties while minimizing the electrical power consumption.

PICA Shear variants with inner hole feature a clear aperture, for example, for applying a pretension or for optical applications. Variants for cryogenic and UHV environments can be operated reliably at temperatures down to 4 K and UHV down to 10-9 hPa. The operating voltage is in the range from -250 to +250 V.


PICA stack actuators are produced in a variety of shapes. Depending on the application, they can also be assembled with adapted ceramic or metal tips, additional coating, temperature sensors, etc. On request, we gladly offer you customized products.

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Applications and Markets

  • Precision mechanics
  • Microscopy
  • Scanning applications
  • Switching applications

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