Rotation Stages

Requirements for rotary motion show a very broad range of different sizes, load capacity, and positioning accuracy. PI offers stages with all kinds of motorization and guiding options: air-bearing, torque motor driven, motorized worm-gear coupled, tiny piezomotor stages and specialized goniometer stages with orthogonal tip-tilt mounting option. All of them can be mounted to multi-axis combinations with corresponding linear, vertical and XY stages. 

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Rotation Stages with PIMag® Magnetic Direct-Drive Torque Motor

PIglide RLA Rotation Stage with Air Bearings, Large Aperture

A-68x PIglide RLA Rotation Stage with Air Bearings, Large Aperture

V-611 Rotation Stage

V-610 Compact PIMag® Rotation Stage

A-63x PIglide RL Flat Rotation Stage with Air Bearing

A-62x PIglide RM Rotation Stage with Air Bearings

Rotation Stages with Stepper, DC & Brushless DC (BLDC) Motors

L-611 Precision Rotation Stage

PRS-200 Precision Rotation Stage

PI M-062.PD

M-060 • M-061 • M-062 Precision Rotation Stage

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Enabling the Technologies for Semicon

Today, semiconductor technology represents one of the most important industry sectors in the world. It paves the way for advanced developments such as 6G technology, Internet of Things (IoT), or Electric and Autonomous Driving. At the same time, these growing markets are placing high demands on semiconductor manufacturers. In our event you will learn more about applications, requirements and solutions to fulfil the needs of industry and end customers.


Enabling the Technologies for Semicon

Miniature Rotation Stages with Q-Motion & PILine® Drives

U-628 PILine® Rotation Stage

U-622 PILine® Rotation Stage

U-651 Rotation Stage with Low-Profile Design

U-624 PILine® Rotation Stage

Q-632 Q‑Motion® Rotation Stage

Miniature Rotation Stages with Stepper, DC & Brushless DC (BLDC) Motors

RS-40 Compact Rotation Stage

DT-80 Compact Rotation Stage

DT-34 Miniature Rotation Stage

Motorized Goniometer Stages

WT-120 Motorized Precision Goniometer

WT-90 Motorized Precision Goniometer

WT-85 Motorized Precision Goniometer

WT-100 Motorized Precision Goniometer

Tip/Tilt Stages


V-931 High Dynamics PIMag® Voice Coil Tip/Tilt Platform