Contracted Services

With PI stages being used in applications where system up-time and reliability is essential, PI are supporting these customers with wrap-around services in direct response to these needs.

Customers that subscribe to PI’s Contracted Support Services will be committing PI to sign up to agreed Service Levels. These include Service Levels for responding to the customer’s first contact and providing remote technical support as well as agreeing appropriate response times to get a PI expert onto the customer site, either to repair or replace a defective unit.

Global Coverage

Supported by 4 Global Service Hubs in Asia, China, Europe and USA, with field product specialists working from these hubs, PI is able to support its customers via this global services team.

Packaged Services

To simplify our packaged services, PI has designed 3 different service types in addition to the standard service we offer today. Each service type is described below but can be tailored to each customer’s specific needs.

As every customer and application is different, each contracted service is unique to the customer, which means the agreement only consists of those service elements that are critical to the customer and the tailored Service Level Agreements are in line with the customer’s needs.

This is the service level that all customers receive today. PI will respond to any customer’s support request whether inside or outside of a valid warranty period. This initial contact and response is not chargeable but is a best endeavors approach and customer issues are dealt with in the order that they are received.

An on-site service is chargeable and may incur a short delay to assign an available resource.

  • Best endeavours response times which means typically phone contact within 24 hrs
  • On-site support when ordered and planned in advance. Typically 10 to 15 working days from receipt of order
  • Standard PI product warranty terms apply
  • Remote support. First diagnosis free of charge

This is a priority service which is suitable for customers that own relevant and accessible spares, systems, or components. PI agrees to response service levels for remote and/or on-site support, warranty extension to provide peace of mind to the customer for the whole 3 year contract term, and includes an annual preventative maintenance health check to prolong the working life of the system.


  • First line response phone contact within an agreed number of hours
  • On customer site within an agreed number of days to assist the customer with the faulty system or conduct any reasonable customer requests
  • 3rd year extended warranty applies >> Learn more on Extended Warranty
  • One day per annum planned on-site visit to perform preventative maintenance / systems health check
  • Contract term 3 years, with an option to extend to years 4 and 5

This service is the next level which includes access to PI’s spare components. PI will hold a stock of spare parts to enable an on-site engineer to carry out some repair if the system fails and can be fixed in the field.


  • Includes Service Pack A
  • PI engineer on-site with spare parts

This service offers maximum safety, PI will store a complete spare system for the customer which will be dedicated to that customer. The spares will be stored securely at the most appropriate PI location.


  • Includes Service Pack A
  • On-site within an agreed time frame with a replacement system to swap out the faulty unit and ensure that the customer is back operational
  • A complete spare system(s) held at PI, wholly owned by PI and dedicated to that customer
  • The engineer will bring or ship to site the replacement system. Shipment costs might apply
  • At the end of the 3 year term, full title and ownership of the spare system(s) will be passed to the customer
  • Option to extend to a 4th or 5th year support under Service Pack A is then possible due to customer then owning a suitable spare system

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