H-810 6-Axis Miniature Hexapod

High Precision in a Small Package

PI H-810
Most compact standard Hexapod in the PI portfolio
Travel ranges to 40 mm / 60°
Load capacity to 5 kg
Actuator resolution 40 nm
Min. incremental motion to 0.5 µm
Repeatability to ±0.1 µm
Velocity to 2.5 mm/s
Works in any orientation
Sophisticated controller using vector algorithms, virtual pivot point
Comprehensive software package

Reference-class 6-axis positioning system

Parallel-kinematic design for six degrees of freedom making it significantly more compact and stiff than serial-kinematic systems, higher dynamic range, no moved cables: Higher reliability, reduced friction


Direct drive with brushless DC motors (BLDC) and long-life ball screws

High precision, velocity and lifetime


Powerful digital controller, open software architecture

User-defined, stable pivot point, software-selectable. Positions commanded in Cartesian coordinates. Macro programming. Open source LabVIEW driver set. Work space simulation software. Virtual Hexapod machine software. Optional: Collision avoidance software (external obstacles).

Hexapods are by default configured and delivered as a system including a controller

  • C-887.52 compact bench-top controller for a lower system price. Digital I/O interfaces, e.g. for external triggering
  • C-887.11 19" controller, comprises the control for two additional single axes with servo motors. Options: Control of piezo axes, photometer cards for visible light or infrared light range


Upgrades for C-887.11 (order separately)

  • Analog interface/photometer cards for visible light (F-206.VVU) or the infrared light range (F-206.iiU)
  • F-206.NCU fast piezo nano-alignment system for alignment with nanometer precision



  • C-887.MC manual control unit for Hexapods, USB, 3 m cable
  • C-887.VM1 PIVeriMove software for collision checking


Fields of application

Research and industry. For micromanipulation, biotechnology, tool control



PI Datasheet H-810

6 Axis Miniature Hexapod High Precision in a small Package
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pdf - 818 KB

Drawings / Images

PI H-810 Drawing
PI C-887 H-811 H-850




PI Datasheet H-810

6 Axis Miniature Hexapod High Precision in a small Package
pdf - 823 KB
pdf - 818 KB



User Manual MS198

H-810 Miniature-Hexapod Microrobot
pdf - 1 MB
pdf - 1 MB

Technical Note H810T0005

H-810.D2 Miniature-Hexapod Microrobot. This Technical Note is a supplement to the MS198 user manual.
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3D Models


H-810 STEP

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