Product Series with Vacuum-Ready Items

PI offers specific catalogue items for selected product series that are already suitable for high vacuum (HV) or ultra-high vacuum (UHV).

Furthermore, most of the PI axes and multi-axis solutions can be modified on request for use in vacuum. You can find more information on PI‘s Design-for-Vacuum on the >> Vacuum technology page.


H-850.V Vacuum-Compatible 6-Axis Hexapod

H-811.I2V Vacuum-Compatible 6-Axis Miniature Hexapod

H-824.V Vacuum-Compatible 6-Axis Hexapod


P-911KNMV UHV-Compatible Miniature Piezo Hexapod

Linear, Rotation, Elevation Stages and Accessories

RS-40 V7 Compact Rotation Stage Suitable for Vacuum

M-110 • M-111 • M-112 V6 Compact Linear Stage Suitable for Vacuum

VT-80 V6 Linear Stage Suitable for Vacuum

L-611 V6 • V7 • V9 Precision Rotation Stage Suitable for Vacuum

L-509 V6 • V7 • V9 Precision Linear Stage Suitable for Vacuum

L-310 V6 Precision Z Stage Suitable for Vacuum

PI L-500

L-500 Adapter Bracket

Adapter Bracket

AB-65 Adapter Bracket

VFxx Vacuum Feedthroughs

C-815.VFxx Vacuum Feedthroughs

L-220 V6 High-Resolution Linear Actuator Suitable for Vacuum

Piezo Actuators and Stages

Preloaded Piezo Actuators

P-841 Preloaded Piezo Actuators

P-733.3 XYZ Piezo Nanopositioner

P-733.2 XY Piezo Nanopositioner

P-216 PICA Power Piezo Actuator

P-212 PICA Power Piezo Actuator

P-620.Z - P-622.Z PIHera Vertical Precision Z Positioner

P-845 Preloaded Piezo Actuators

P-844 Preloaded Piezo Actuators

P-843 Preloaded Piezo Actuators

P-842 Preloaded Piezo Actuators

P-840 Preloaded Piezo Actuators

P-753 LISA Linear Actuator and Stage

P-561 • P-562 • P-563 PIMars Nanopositioning Stage

P-518 • P-528 • P-558 Piezo Z/Tip/Tilt Stage

P-363 PicoCube XY(Z) Piezo Scanner

P-235 PICA Power Piezo Actuators

P-225 PICA Power Piezo Actuators

N-480 PiezoMike Miniature Mirror Holder

N-470.V PiezoMike Linear Actuator

P-620.2 – P-629.2 PIHera XY Piezo Stage

P-620.1 – P-629.1 PIHera Piezo Linear Precision Positioner


Capacitive Sensors

D-015 • D-050 • D-100 Capacitive Sensors