C-863 Mercury Servo Controller

Cost-Efficient and Network-Capable, for DC Motors and Brushless DC Motors

PI C-863
High-speed encoder input to 60 MHz
Macro programmable for stand-alone functionality
Data recorder
Non-volatile EEPROM for macros and parameters

Digital motion controller for DC servo motors

1 channel. Motion control of PI precision positioning systems with DC motors: direct motor control (analog out) and PWM output for fast PI stages with integrated ActiveDrive amplifiers or with brushless motors and integrated block commutation. PID controller. Supports motor brake


Extensive functionality

Powerful macro command language. Non-volatile macro storage, e. g. for stand-alone functionality with autostart macro. Data recorder. Parameter changes on the fly. Extensive software support, e. g. for LabVIEW, shared libraries for Windows and Linux


Mercury class motion controller

Daisy-chain networking for up to 16 axes operated via a common computer interface.

Interfaces: USB and RS-232 for commands. A/B (quadrature) encoder input. TTL inputs for limit and reference point switches. I/O ports (analog / digital) for automation. Interface for analog joystick.

Delivery scope including wide-range power supply, USB and RS-232 cable, daisy-chain network cable




Analog Joystick for Mercury Controller, 2 Axes


Y Cable for Connecting 2 Controllers to C-819.20


I/O Cable, 2 m, Open End


Pushbutton Box with 4 Buttons and 4 LEDs



DC servo-motor controller, 1 channel



Motion and control

Servo characteristics

PID controller, parameter changes on the fly

Servo cycle time

50 µs

Profile generator

Trapezoid velocity profile

Encoder input

AB (quadrature) single-ended or differential TTL signal acc. to RS-422; 60 MHz

Stall detection

Servo off, triggered by programmable position error

Limit switches

2 × TTL (polarity programmable)

Reference point switch

1 × TTL

Motor brake

1 × TTL, software controlled

Electrical properties

Max. output voltage*

0 to ±15 V for direct control of DC motor

Max. output power

30 W

Current limitation

2 A

Interface and operation

Communication interfaces

USB; RS-232, Sub-D 9-pin (m)

Motor connector

Sub-D 15-pin (f)

Controller network

Up to 16 units** on a single interface

I/O ports

4 analog/digital in, 4 digital out (TTL), 5 V TTL

Command set

PI General Command Set (GCS)

User software


Software drivers

LabVIEW driver, shared libraries for Windows and Linux

Supported functionality

Point-to-point motion, start-up macro, data recorder for recording parameters such as motor input voltage, velocity, position or position error; internal safety circuitry: watchdog timer

Manual control

Optional: Pushbutton box, joystick (for 2 axes), Y-cable for 2-D motion


Operating voltage

15 to 30 V, in the scope of delivery: external power supply 15 V / 2 A

Max. operating current

80 mA plus motor current (max. 3 A)

Operating temperature range

5 to 50°C


0.3 kg


130 mm × 76 mm × 40 mm

* The output voltage depends on the connected power supply.

** 16 units with USB; 6 units with RS-232.

Drawings / Images

PI C-863 Drawing




PI Datasheet C-863

Mercury Servo Controller Cost-Efficient and Network-Capable, for DC Motors and Brushless DC Motors
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Short Instructions MS242EK

Digital Motor Controllers: C-663 / C-863 / C-867 / C-877 / C-884 / E-861 / E-871 / E-873
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3D Models


C-863 STEP

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